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Pat brown's father had been Joseph brown was known for running scams and gambling operations in San Francisco with the help of businessmen William Newsome the second Pat brown became governor of California for two terms during his governorship awarded the squaw valley concession contract to William use in the third and his partner John Colosio the deal was criticized for the state of California paying for everything and getting nothing William Newsome the third grew up with the governor's son Jerry was training to be a Jesuit priest John closing selling Paul very Nancy D. L. Sandro daughter of Thomas deal with Sandra junior who is known for smuggling heroin U. S. with lucky Luciano in the Baltimore mafia John policy Celeron William Houston's daughter Barbara over on going disputes about the squaw valley concession William nuisance senior threatened to hurt the governor politically just as governor brown was running for a third term against Ronald Reagan he lost but eight years later the former governor Jesuit son Jerry he claims the governorship in nineteen seventy four he appointed William news and the third to a placer county judge you in nineteen seventy five three years later the state court of appeals William Newsome was an attorney for oil magnate J. Paul Getty named in the nineteen sixty six Guinness book of world records as the world's richest private citizen while serving on the appellate bench in the nineteen eighties the help Getty son Gordon secure a change in state trust laws that allowed him to claim the fear of a multiplayer trust after news from retired from the bench he became the administrator of the Getty trust providing seed money for his son Gavin Newsom Nancy Pelosi's nephew hello to start the plug Jack business that led to a career San Francisco politics as mayor of San Francisco and kind of governor of the state of California Gavin Newsom was informally adopted by the Getty's after his parents divorce and recently succeeded family friend Jerry Brown to be the current governor of California hello for eighty years these four families of rule over the state of California politically and with the help of Comilla Heris Maxine waters Adam Schiff and Dianne Feinstein California's uncontrollable state government spending has amounted to over two trillion dollars in debt the highest tax rates in the country the homelessness population is on the rise so much that a typhus outbreak has reached epidemic levels thousands of needles from illicit drugs later the streets they have made California a sanctuary city they have been steadily chiseling away at the second amendment they have passed laws for mandatory vaccinations and they continue to aggressively oppose our president on every front on October first two thousand sixteen right before Donald Trump won the election president Obama transferred full control of the internet from the US government to independence California nonprofit stations in the cyber war scenario the US government may not have control over the internet even if it secures military and government domains and I. P. addresses the targets in cyber warfare are likely to be.

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