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I did i was all in on him night i was i just thought that the you know he had some fran tarkenton in him as had some magic there but if you look back mike evans made him local law had bitter it's always nice when you go up bailout bell their where's my 6'5 wide receiver other is thanks mike yup on his pro after cleveland are not terribly bad he was a fifty seven percent passer seven touchdowns seven picks there's a lot worse new especially with the team he went in on new noone may be gets a chance what does he twenty five the right polling five now hey i'm all about this story he comes back gives his content i final at fritschi is david feherty okay do we have to point not put out an allpoints woman we is okay and he apologizes he's in a very loud spot right now index is he gonna join us it's unlikely right now okay get ready for legends of the sport with andrew de bernstein the naismith basketball hall of fame photographer has hit the podcasting seen each tuesday starting february 27th andy and coast jonas weidler chat with some of the world's most prestigious athletes of all time enjoy stories from wife behind the scenes but the most decorated sports photographer in the business make sure to subscribe to legends of sport with andrew deed bernstein beginning tuesday february 27th exclusively on apple podcast podcast onecom and the brand new podcast one.

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