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Your right. But it's nice for the Cowboys that the majority of those are depth. Guys. I think the one that stands out is probably Neville Gallimore. Uh, He was going to be there. Starting three technique defensive tackle. He hyper extended his elbow halfway through training camp. So doubt they'll see him till October, but I think and and credit to them. It's a smart thing to do. I think the Cowboys and plenty of other teams You know the rule changes because of covid have allowed you to do a lot of things differently. You know, Typically you put a guy on IR You only get to that you can bring back to the roster. Otherwise you're done for the year. With the way things are because of Covid. It's a three week window and you can bring you can move guys back and forth as much as you want. So rather than in the guys season, you can say all right, you know, why don't you take September to get right and we'll bring you back in October, so The vast majority of those situations are not major. Fair enough. One of the biggest problems the Cowboys had last year was certainly on the defensive side of the ball, and they got beat up in the passing game. A lot. Uh, are they good enough into safety position? I expect Trayvon digs have a better year this year and and Anthony Brown. I don't think can be okay. But the safety position was a major letdown last year. How much have they upgraded? It? Is it going to be able to show on the field that not every team is going to be able to throw it wild against the Cowboys issue. I'm not ready to say that it's like fix, but I do feel better about it than I have in a number of years. You know, they signed the Monte Casey, who was coming off of an Achilles. They find Malik Hooker as well. Two guys that have had Really nice seasons in the NFL. Casey had a seven interception season in Atlanta, and they both seem to have recovered from their Achilles injuries. Really? Well, um, then throw in Donovan Wilson, who kind of had a breakout year last year and Giron curse as well. I think all four of those guys Can make meaningful contributions. Um Am I ready to say that any of them are like Pro bowl caliber? Not really. And you know if I'm being honest, I still expect that secondary to be a problem for them. But what we saw from those guys in training camp, particularly KZ. I thought he was really disruptive. He was around the football made a lot of plays on the ball. Uh, you know, maybe maybe they get more production and more takeaways than we're used to. And that would at least be a step in the right direction, even if they're not amazing. Now. One of the things that they had to deal with in the preseason was last week. Then Quinn going on the covid list and not being able to be in the boot defense coordinator for their preseason game. Um, how much has he changed things here? It didn't work last year. Did he come in and just wipe the slate clean or there's some things that they're going to do that they liked. From last year that they're trying to keep in place. We know they made some personnel changes. But how much is Quins defence different than what they played last season? I think honestly, that was one of the selling points of why they hired him is that it would be something that would be more familiar to this team. They've definitely There's definitely a focus on being multiple, and that's what they wanted from Mike Nolan. But you know, the the company line coming from them is that you know with Nolan. Maybe they tried to do too much in too short of a period of time. You know, during a pandemic where you can't be on the field and all that type of stuff. They basically bit off more than they could chew. I think the compromise with Quinn is He still brings some of those elements to the table. You know, we've seen a lot of multiple fronts, a lot of disguise and things like that. But at the same time, this is a guy who cut his teeth in that Seattle cover three defense that everybody loved so much. And the Cowboys ran pretty successfully for a couple years with Rod Marinelli and Crystal shards. So the vast majority of the veterans on the team should be very familiar with what Dan Quinn's asking him to do, and You know, Can I say right now that it's going to translate, especially against an offense as good as Tampa? Probably not, But I will say they look a lot more confident this year than they did at this time last year. All right. Uh, it seems to me like I'm count them up right here. How many draftees from this past draft that they have on the defense that they looking at seven. Grab these that are going to make this defense and beyond the roster opening week that tells me one of two things either. They had a whole A cious Lee good draft. Or they admit we were that bad that we have to turn his over rather drastically. How many of the first year Cowboys are going to be able to do something We know Michael Parsons, but above and beyond that, how many going to step in and contribute to this defense and its improvement? I think I think it's a little bit of both. You're absolutely right. I mean, teams are always going to protect their draft class because they're banking on those guys to be stars and they're playing on affordable salaries. At the same time. This was a defense that needed a lot of change. And you know, the front office sent a very clear signal to the roster during the draft. They drafted 11 guys and nine of them play defense, and I think the first I think the first five or six picks where all defensive players Micah Parsons is, obviously he looked like a stud. I think he's going to start. You know he's going to play every snap as long as he's healthy. Then it is interesting, though, because two of those guys are cornerback. One of whom Kelvin Joseph is on IR for the short term, So maybe it takes them a little bit to get acclimated. But the third round defensive tackle also digging do a He's probably going to start because of injuries. Clinton Bahana, another defensive tackle who had a really nice camp, and then I don't know how they get him on the field because there's so many linebackers on the team, but Gabriel Cox out of else you had a really fantastic preseason as well. So, Yeah, I think it's not a stretch to say that as many as four or five of these guys could have significant roles right away. Exactly. Alright. Uh, I've been dutifully watching hard knocks. Does it have any effect on the team? We were sitting at home watching it either enjoying it to get ticked off fired, however, were reacting to it. We're not part of we're not in the mix. Do the cowboy players talking about it at all? Do you guys ask him about it all? Isn't Part of this preparation, or is it what they hope that it is? It's just a couple of cameras there that nobody pays any attention to. We get to look behind the curtain. I mean, they definitely know about it, and we asked him about it. You know, we talked to back on Friday and asked him, I think the most recent episode he was kind of talking about a business model for a tailgate game he wanted to make, and he was kind of. He was kind of amused that that made it the National T V. So they know about it. I thought Mike McCarthy made a really honest point the other day that It's a challenge because you're probably not going to be completely as authentic as you would be. If there weren't cameras in every room, you know, even it's supposed to be a behind the scenes show, but everybody knows the cameras are there. You're probably not going to say what you would normally say if you weren't being televised or or maybe some people kind of ham it up to be more interesting for T V, So I do think there's an element of it to that..

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