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Today for the Nats. A lost means a series suite by Atlanta before returning home. It did take a bit for the offense to get going. I was led by Lang Thomas three run home run in the 6th inning. We're currently now in the bottom of the 8th inning from Atlanta with the game tied at three between the nets and the braves. Over to the American League, who would have thought to mention the Orioles when speaking of one of the best teams currently in baseball right now, it is totally the truth earlier today owes beat the angels 9 to 5 for their 8th straight win and they are now 43 and 44. Last year, let me remind you is something the O's finished the year with record of 52 wins and a 110 losses for now. They are just two and a half games out of the final AL wild card spot. Over to tennis breakfast at Wimbledon featured the men's final a Novak Djokovic capturing his fourth straight Wimbledon title and 7th overall topsy down Nick kurios in four sets, looking at the numbers at 35 year old Djokovic wins his 21st Grand Slam event, he's now within one Wimbledon title shy of Roger Federer's record 8 wins at the all England club. The WNBA All-Star Game in Chicago Brian is Stuart's team came up with a one 34 one 12 victory over Asia Wilson's team of local interests, mystics guard aerial act and scored four points in former terps for Brianna Jones put in ten points with four rebounds for team Wilson. Steve dresner, WTO sports. All right, Steve, thanks. On the top stories we're following for you right now on WTO, arson is suspected in an early morning fired Bethesda saint Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church on old Georgetown road and Montgomery county firefighters got the call around two 15. It is the third act of vandalism against churches in that Bethesda neighborhood in the last couple of days. Anyone who might know something is asked to call the county fire departments, arson tip line. President Biden says he's asked his administration to consider whether he has the authority to declare an abortion related public health emergency in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to overturn roe V wade, his vice president Kamala Harris tells CBS face the nation that Congress needs to act by codifying abortion into law, and people need to act by voting. The House select committee investigating the capitol riot is out with the statement saying Friday's closed

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