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You should see the line a cooks that are waiting to replace him this city council of president Cory Johnson Mister money Williams this a year of both of their people so much further left in him who want to do things these are the people concocting these schemes of let's let all the prisoners out look at this new one free no free parking one limit all parking on the street yeah okay Brill brilliant mayor de Blasio has been the voice of reason for the last twenty four hours he's actually come out and said well I think you can't stop somebody from parking on their own species that I'm not there yet so we'll get to this in the next hour also will get to we'll go over the debate the hearing this parade of clerks that the testifying what they think don't forget rush coming up at noon Sean Hannity three to six thirty got W. O. R. tonight with Joe concha at the six o'clock come here every day ten to noon back right after the news don't go away it's seven ten W. O. R. new York's most entertaining live and local talk show for your ride W. O. R. tonight with Joe concha six till nine weeknights on seventeen W. I heart radio station is forty four degrees at eleven o'clock good morning I'm Joe Bartlett more claims of a quid pro quo another witness testifying that Ukraine had to announce an investigation of the bidens in order to get a White House visit US your grain diplomat David Holmes says it became clear to him that president trump was a holding aid to Ukraine because they have not taken action my clear impression was that the security systems hold was likely intended by the president either as an expression dissatisfaction with Ukrainians who is not yet agreed to the breeze a bite investigation or as an effort to increase the pressure on them to do so Holmes also said he overheard a phone call between the president and European ambassador Gordon sunlight inner president trump ask so he's gonna do the investigation master song replied that he's going to do it adding a presence Lynskey will do anything you ask him to do it was at that point that homes as son is it true that the president doesn't give an expletive about Ukraine **** son agreed the president did not give an expletive about Ukraine I asked why not the **** son was stated to the president only cares about big stuff I noted there was big stuff going on you in Ukraine like a war with Russia ambassador Simon replied that he meant big stuff the benefits the president like the bite an investigation to Mr Giuliani was pushing president trump tweeting this morning saying that congressman Adam ships lies are growing by the day calling him human scum well it could soon be even harder to drive into the city there's a group pushing to eliminate free parking a lot of upper west sider they're not on board with the transportation committee suggestion the city eliminate free street parking no free parking I think it's ridiculous this city is becoming more a city of the rich and the poor and this would just be another a system where the rich people would have cars in the per people wouldn't the resolution urges consideration.

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