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Hey? Mon and let's get this. Role and Saas. Let's stop this. Buttons who is pushing who who pushed the buttons bath as much with my Lens. push-button Jenny Hi Good Morning Good Morning. What are you wearing today? You're wearing a rolling stone shirt. It's kind of just the logo. Though it's not really like a rolling stone says it's only rock and roll, but I like it with Rolling Stones logo chose Ringo Star's birthday. WHO's Ringo Starr anything? This is one of the Beatles. What does he play in the Beatles who plays Ringo Starr? You plays Ringo, Starr you. Instrument also plays in Israel. What does he play the Beatles I haven't a go win Bass Guitar. Or Paul Paul McCartney plays the saxophone. On that, yeah! Used to okay? Wisconsin. Choose for your first song the song. Played enough with one of my favorite song. It's crazy and. By the way he plays the Marimba so a piece. That I saw of the day Ringo Starr Earth Day by the way that's brief every person today, excellent choice, weather, girl, Jenny, one point, three Katie WB and on your smart device. Thank you for listening to kwb. Is Dave and Steve? Founds out on vacation this she still posting. Yeah, she was in Martha's Vineyard. Before she was like I'm not really. GonNa say Mama Bob, then all bets are off. Yeah, almost rundowns like I went to Martha's Vineyard is showing it off to like Oh. Look, I'm going to sail. She to sail. Boat looked like. It was. Much where she really. Be It's now. There's a picture like if you sweat through the four of them on a it looked like a sale. It looks like a boat. They had flotation device on around their neck. Flotation devices around their neck like A. Round neck like life vest. I don't know God. Do I look a captain to you know you certainly don't even now. I got a new mask in, and it is nice. You might have seen it on my instagram. It is my animal crossing mask and people like. Where'd you get it Amazon? Where you get all things anymore? It is pretty nice. Let's say this. This is why I don't want to just use Amazon. But this is what happened when you order from somebody else went on like an independent golf website to order like a putting green like a little tiny putting green that kicks your ball back in trying to learn better, so we order it. It comes in the mail yesterday Oh. Okay, so excited. It was not a putting green. It was the things that it was a matt that you put on a driving range where you put a little rubber tea up through it. It's arriving. It's Abang. Feet Square with little hole in put a rubber tea up through it, and I'm looking at it going I know exactly what this is. This is not a putting green doesn't come with the packing slip doesn't come with anything except the Chinese address on there and I'm like okay, I guess. Guess I'll send it back well. You can't really send it back, so we just. We set it out by the stuff to donate like anybody's GonNa Ball. You know that's exactly what I've been looking for. Funding is not a putting green. It's a driving range Matt That's all it is. You can't. You can't even use it, so do your research on websites when you're ordering things online if it's not your Amazon's and like target dot com, because that's where you find the reviews, and that's where you realize. Oh, this is a scam. Actually like scroll through to find that out, because suddenly you're like. Oh, I'm getting a drum set for two hundred and fifty dollars like Fallon's friend did and he thought he was getting steel, and it was a desktop drum set. I remember that. was you know. Nineteen bucks wasn't dollar was like nineteen twenty dollars like Oh, steel, so the thing with Amazon now. You take that crap back to Kohl's. If you don't want it, and yet, you run it into Kohl's and you say, send it back. Take it back and this ended. Back Susan made me send back. Tom, Gachi on from a couple of weeks ago because I ordered I heard the new Thomas, Gotcha. Gotcha, so I got. It's been sitting in the box on the kitchen counter. For two weeks. She's like you're never gonNA open that. Are you know you can keep up with all of it? You've got your animal crossing You got your Ukulele lessons and now you're trying to get better at golf. You can add Tamagotchi. I know what are you working on getting better at right now? Just being a good person. Hey, that's a good one. Carson and I have been taped we. We took one golf lesson place called Golf Tech over need prairie and is where you sit in simulator you stand simulator and you hit golf balls, and they tell you what you're doing wrong, so we're like okay. We got this, so we go to the range yesterday over at Hala. No reclosed win to Bluff Creek and Carson his just nail and him. He's just killing. How'd you get so good? He took a lesson. I suck worse than I've ever sucked before. Really I don't know what the problem is. You get worse. I guess you can't Hen. It's a golf is a strange sport. Unless you get the lessons consistently play all the time. It's pretty easy to lose your skill. That gained totally and I was doing just about everything wrong playing golf and I still apparently am and so the guy on the T. next cars and he goes yeah. Kinda sucks when your son gets better than you, does it. Yeah Yeah snowboarding than me I can help them. Snowboarding now is going to be golf too so Wait Good Morning. Hope you have a good day. Matthew mcconaughey! Remind you to please where a mask here's. Matthew MOCATTA had two hundred and forty four th birthday America. We just gone through some growing pains. Me Yes sir, yes, ma'am. It is hotter and more ways than one, but growing pains are good thing. Because how the hell are we going to grow up? I think we gotta look each other and. I think we'll look ourselves in the eye. We look into. Ask Ourselves. How can I be better I? Expect more myself than others. How can I be more responsible? How do I make sure I? Wear the damn. That's how we get to next year's birthday in birthdays beyond that that's me. That's on you. It's game. Day. We are in the Ring America as quit messing about and get it. All right coming up. Murder Monday and a couple of more of the roses. That's right. War of the roses comes up in a couple of seconds. Also your summer stimulus happens this morning at seven thirty. Got Another key word for you to text in to win a thousand dollars. Whatever you WANNA. Buy Off of Amazon or everyone would buy online. Whatever you want. Get for thousand dollars. Think about that. Stay here or if you're gonNA, leave and come back at seven twenty, seven thirty for your keyword for your summer stimulus for thousand bucks from Katie. WB One point three Katie WB. This is the Dave Ryan chose more Rosen brought to you by totally Tana's..

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