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My point is Bryce Harper outside of the weather and more of a salary Bryce opposite a better situation. Philadelphia's four no Philadelphia is expected to be a contender. They're expected anticipated to make the postseason ain't nobody accused Anaheim angels of doing that the Los Angeles angels of Anaheim, anybody accusing them of doing that. You got auspice. It ain't gonna correct. The problem you need more you need more than trout, Bryce Harper. By the way, I'd make the argument better fan base. Philadelphia that rabid fan base that let you off the hook. Let's go hold you accountable. They drove up from they drove Dan from Philly to DC just Abedian support Bryce Harper in his first game back. On home turf of the Washington nationals way played in start for the last few years. Let me tell you something right now. Those bulls they're misguided. Now. Somebody was steaming. I mean, hey, what's your problem them? I mean, they had the right to boo villa. Pig customer. Yeah. We know. That's not the point. Here is the point that the Washington nationals do everything they could to keep Bryce Harper. Your first offer was for three hundred million not three hundred and thirty million a hundred million of it was deferred over thirty three years. So essentially what you were doing was you came to Bryce Harper with the kind kinda low ball offer, you knew neither him nor Boris would accept and as Scott Boris that is as a result, you knew that he was leaving your practically push them out the damn dog. And by the way, if I remember correctly new, no the report stated that second offered a Bryce Harper was worse than the first offer. When you knew Manny Machado was going to get three hundred billion. When you could interpret their travels, go get over four hundred million. You come to Bryce Harper with one hundred million dollars deferred over thirty three years. You didn't wanna keep that? Boy. You want to keep that, man. You pushed about the door. Of your fans of the Washington nationals. How come you born in the organization? How come you? Now, bowling them. That's what I want to know. Because as far as that's exactly what the hell you should be doing. That is exactly what the hell. You should be doing. I mean, you absolutely, positively have got to be kidding me. Twenty six years old with his upside. And you're going to come to him. With an offer where a third of the money is deferred. And we aint talking about a deferment over a couple of years. We're talking about deferred over thirty three years. So in other words, his two hundred million instead of three hundred million and other one hundred million dollars. Ladies and gentlemen, we will defer. Up until Bryce Harper. It's fifty nine years old. Think about how much damn sense that makes that's what they did. And nobody's talking about that. But it needs to be talking about because I would say this. It was very disrespectful. It was very disrespectful to make a star of his caliber. Such an offer. It was insult. Think about that. What started the, you know would have accepted that Secondly, by the way, you gotta managing day Martinez, who I respect, but I got news for you know, here in better than dusty Baker so far not good. It was better than the dusty than the US. Dave martinez. This look at the numbers. So I'll look at it from that standpoint..

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