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Back to the quarterback and workday fortunate Hey they were lucky you talk about dodging a bullet they were dodging one there and that particular play operated they've unlocked the ball hit him in the back and they got the ball back right at the line of scrimmage it took a bad bounce away from San Francisco it's an incomplete passes the call it was supposed to be a handoff not a level in a landslide make an attempt to do thirty two yard line of San Francisco and we're gonna have a first aerated Aquino Turner and Jeff Brooks a very good run on the draw down inside the thirty seven yard line of San Francisco and they may have to measure to see if they made a first round all the call is that it is the first time really running hard they really did a number on the jumper the lowest plan the center and right guard double team him one of the most the card on the right side here's always give it all for you a good product goes to the thirty yard line before he's out of perhaps a charge on the carrier Michael Walter leading tackler of San Francisco made the head so again it was not free and he's been involved in the last three plays he has those bad ribs on the left side he was carrying the ball in his right arm the other thing is man for man blocking kina Turner the left the outside linebacker that turned out by the time right inside the block the second three still in the backfield the three wide receivers motion the other time and he took it upon a yard of a first down inside the thirty near the twenty eight song has carried the ball three times and been involved in the past two passwords Matt Millen made that tackle your bird was also went on the attack along with Milan the ball is inside the twenty eight and a third one it's amazing to the forty Niners fourth in total defense this is the critical call poorly the settle for a field goal try first on thirty one Johnson emotion forty six it's a good start in the first twenty five in San Francisco the offense of line in general bush in the first round for the Broncos they'll keep the drive going there at the San Francisco twenty five Miller made the tackle in this is turned into a very good drive for the Broncos who trailed seven about the first quarter clock running seven twenty remaining in the period this is the seventh player of this number Dr Jackson goes left along with France Johnson please right three levels first this is a tough craziness in the forward to rate behind the line of scrimmage again it is back to the play of bombs dropping him came up in the air and I always batted it down he leads the left linebacker was blessing on the play and he got penetration Jack in a gap between Humphrey and L. way and he's a guy that knocked the ball down in the air it's a wonder.

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