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Attack came on the seventh night of Hanukkah thirty seven year old Grafton Thomas of the green wood lake pleaded not guilty to five counts of attempted murder he was arrested in Harlem in New York City after witnesses were able to write down his license plate number as he drove away Ranma PO police chief Brad Y. del we're very fortunate that the NYPD was all over this right away and by putting that played into the up your system we got hit says of the vehicle wanted to the city New York governor Andrew Cuomo we're not going to allow this poison to spread to throw out our state because it is a poison and no one else can defeat this country but this country can defeat itself it has to stop government must take the lead CBS news update on what the Gillette prosecutors say Thomas was fond of blood on his clothes he smelled bleach when he was arrested a fatal accident at Killington ski resort in Vermont officials say Jason Vitali of bald women York skiing down an intermediate trail when he lost control and hit a tree officials say he went into cardiac arrest while being taken off the mountain and was pronounced dead at a local hospital a man pulled by firefighters from a burning open to Bedford yesterday's now died from his injuries the victim's name not released the blaze occurring at a home on myrtle street the man found on the second floor because of that blaze being investigated the Christmas day tragedy of a mother who killed her two children and herself as Northeastern University in Boston making some changes at a campus parking garage to improve safety until Wharton saw horses wrapped in sagging yellow tape stopping cars at the top level seven Xerox sign saying access to the top two floors is restricted due to routine maintenance but a statement from northeastern reveals the restrictions are really due to a problem that is anything but routine three people have chosen to take their lives here in the past seven months presumably due to the ease of slipping over the stomach I barriers aligned this garage fixing that will require some structural changes in the meantime the universities also promising security patrols I saw three in a short amount of time cameras and signs telling the desperate how they can get help without the immediate means towards a tragic and officials hope a suicidal person might in fact reach out from the renaissance parking garage Kendall B. O. WBZ Boston's newsradio one person being treated for serious injuries following a crash between a car and a pickup truck in Pembroke happened around seven AM on oak street driver the pick up is been arrested Brent police being assisted by state police continuing to investigate a twenty five year old Middleboro man is dead after crashing his motorcycle in middle world last night the victim's name not released police say it happened on old center St around ten forty five the motorcycle rider pronounced dead at the scene congressman Joe Kennedy says he supports however long it takes to send the two articles of impeachment to the Senate Massachusetts Democrat telling CNN state of the union program the house speaker once the process to be fair even if that means holding the articles until February or later yes I believe there's an urgency to do this absolutely but understanding that there's a two part process to this you don't go through the first part of the house and then just keep this up for a Senate process with a guy that is going to be in charge of orchestrating the entire CIS the Senate trial has said that the whole thing is already baked and cook and there's nothing that anybody can do about Kennedy voted to remove president trump from office and stresses the houses standing up for the constitution Senate can't hold a trial until it receives the articles also on CNN Republican Louisiana senator John Kennedy was asked about the Ukraine whistle blower and the tweet president trump posted that included the name of the alleged anonymous person before deleting it there have been some allegations in the press about the identity of the whistle blower if if those from those statements are true one of the thoughts I had was that well the whistle blower could easily easily be called by the defense not as the whistle more but as a fact witness revealing the identity of the whistle blower could violate federal protection laws king on ABC's this week democratic candidate and Yang offered his thoughts on why Donald Trump was elected president in two thousand sixteen the reason why Donald Trump is our president today is that we automated away four million manufacturing jobs that were primarily based in Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin Missouri and I with the swing states he needed to win and what we did to those jobs we are now going to do to the retail jobs the call center jobs the fast food jobs and eventually the truck driving job well the show will go on in Sydney Australia this January first even is raging wildfires are growing public perspective billion people watching around the world DC's fireworks display is set to shine brighter than ever as one hundred thousand pyrotechnics lines up this guy six thousand keys just on the bridge line but many of taken aim at the six point five million dollars spectacle going ahead while.

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