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Certainly not exclusive to this book and certainly in existence long before this book came along i did want to talk a little bit though about the accounting in exodous thirty four mm which is the only place in the book of mormon earth we may have recorded more than one episode northern more than one segment the exodous 34 is one part of the bible joseph smith did not deny totally plagiarized strategy that you're wrong i'm totally wrong uh it is in the bible and it is the only place that says the words the ten commandments uh but if you read what goes before those words yup might get confused uh for instance you might recognize the idea you shall not make for yourself any gods of cast metal which is how it's worded in accidental early in this one but what comes right after that you shall keep the feast of unleavened bread seven days joe you eat levin nor show you eat unleavened bread as i commanded you at the time appointed in the month of a b before it is in the month of abib that you came out of egypt and all all that opened the womb are mine oh this is another one all that opened the womb our mind your mail livestock you the first born cow a and sheep the first born of a donkey you shall redeem with a lamb or if you will not redeem at you shall break its neck bought all of the earth of your son's you shall redeem and none she'll appear before me and emptyhanded wait is that part of the 10 commandments isn't it who knows well okay it's all very crazy my my biggest beef with that is less the break.

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