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That passed out of the days that day. Here comes that what status? And Doc Rivers got hired by the 70 Sixers. We'll talk about that higher. I said. If Doc went to the 76 or is it just felt like you're basically going to a younger version of the Clippers. Bury in Long Island called yesterday and he said, You know, for the most part, he roots against his team the Jets to lose, But then the game is played. And then he's rooting for the Jets and Barry joins us. Right now from Long Island. Good morning, Barrie. How are you? Happy need Friday. My Miss Booker. Thank you. Thank you. Great, Jack. Thank you Know, ponder Ponderous man. Ponderous when? When Sam Ah, tripped over his own 2 ft. Yesterday I cursed When he, um Exactly end the game. I cursed this morning. I'm thinking it's more of a mitt so that they lost was still in the Trevor Laurence. There be Oh, and I already have my best best of the weekend. I don't have to watch the Jets on front. Well done. Very. Thank you for the phone call. I went to the Jets play next there make 11 just so I could circle that on my calendar. Gather the kids around and watch the bad football. I have them hosting the Cardinals on October 11 who? Then they're going to trip into some wins. You just know the jets can do. And that's why when people go, Oh, That team's going not going to win a game. It's really hard to not win a game in the NFL. It's hard to win games. I'll give you that, but it's hard to go winless an entire season. Yes, but here's the one that could be bad or bad for another franchise. The Jets Week 16 host the Cleveland Browns. Imagine the Jets were winless on DH somehow the Browns give it up. Jets also have Miami by week. Miami the middle of the season. But right now it's just a sprain for Sam Darnold on his shoulder. I thought he was done in Troy Aikman said. You know, I broke my collarbone before, and that's what it looks like. Yeah, I'm McLovin. He was not very good. After that. He missed all. I mean, I know his receiver stink, but he is really inaccurate. I was wondering about his future. I'm like, Wait, Is this still if you didn't know who brought ripping where he was drafted where Sam Darnell's drafted? How would you've come out thinking that last night? Yeah, that one moment that still down for Sam Darnold was that run, But I don't want my quarterback doing that. Very often. I like that. He can do that. But, you know, if you say hey, you want to see the highlights, and that's the only highlight. I'd like to see my quarterback to be able to throw the ball. It feels like That is the trend in the NFL. Your quarterback throws for a lot of yards. 88773 d p show. Email address. Dp Dan patrick dot com Twitter handle with DP Show Poley is all on. He's all over that Padres bandwagon. That was That was a great game. Padres are fun Slam Diego. That's fun. Thought, jeez. You know, here we go again with all you had a bad flip. Man. Can we just have fun? Like, how about we let a new generation in OK because the generation that's holding on for dear life is over 50 years of age with baseball. How about we get something That's interesting. A younger generation tunes in You might go, boy. Well, they're tuning in for a bad flip than Yeah, they might be tuning in for bat flips there. I, the game has lost its personality. Let's let the personality come through. Be demonstrative. Have fun with it. As long as you're not putting somebody's eye out when you flip your bat. I'm okay with it. I I don't love it, but I get it. It's like when you see your team change colors, the uniform colors you're going. Oh, can you believe they're not? They're not doing that for you. They're doing that for a younger generation to go. All those are cool. And that's what happens. Padres have fun while you can have fun, no issue with it whatsoever. Dodgers cruising there. You know, the Astros in the A's is going to be flammable. Because there's some bad blood there between those two teams, but It's been good, and I've watched it. I think the fact that it's you know, best of three. That's where you go. Oh, wait a minute. The whites like season's over. Yes. Best of 30. My gosh. Imagine if the Marlins beat the Cubs. Some season's over. Yes. Paul Kershaw had a great night. Kershaw gave up three hits, eight innings. One walk, 13 strikeouts or the guy who needs postseason success. But if he pitches like this Then they're gonna win the World Series. In my opinion, they they have the best roster, and if he's great in the postseason, not good, but great, then they're going to win the World Series. Tampa and the Yankees is going to be spicy as well. So No, there's some good matchups here. And I still believe If you're a Dodger fan, and I said you could pick your opponent for the World Series. Do you want the Yankees or do you want the Astros? I want the Astros baseball executives, TBS. They're going to go or Fox. They're going to go. We want the Yankees. We want that market in there. I would love to see the Astros play the Dodgers. Yes. Make 11. I think you guys are underestimating how big the Yankees are nationally. No, no, I understand it. I'm saying me. Yeah, as a baseball fan. That's what I want to see the Yankees air fun. They had a lot of home runs and they got Gerrit Cole, okay? The Astros. There is history there. There's bad blood. There were curious to see just how good the Astros are this year if they're not cheating. That's a better story line. But I don't want to watch Astros A's For some reason. I agree with you. I want to watch Astros Dodgers, but Astro's A's isn't quite know. It's not know is Mike fires, The whistle blower on the Astro is still on the A's roster. Because that would be interesting if he's pitching in any of these games against his former team Mates Club. I have Emma's Yes. Still on the A's okay, we'll double check that. All right. I'm interested in that. But the Braves they advance the A's and Dodgers yesterday, two games today. Kyrie, Irving, the gift that keeps on giving. He was on a podcast with Kevin Durant. The etcetera the E. C S is etcetera as I believe, Ah! And Kyrie was talking about. This is the first time that he's able to play with somebody who's a clutch player. And you know, at the end of a game shooting lies here is ah Kyrie Irving. Since that has left one point game who shouldn't your Kyrie Katie will see it is that there's anything other than that, like 13 pick a role, or is the ISO for either one of us or something Great for our team? One thing I've always been comfortable with this. You know, I felt like I was the best option on every team I play for, you know, down the stretch. This is the first time mockery rocking down and like, make.

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