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Kboi weather with channel two's dini hawkins this morning and happy tuesday watch purview light showers out there this morning early this afternoon to overall tuesday shaping up to be very mild with highs in the mid 50s and mostly cloudy skies otherwise today we called front will push through this afternoon and that'll cooler temperatures off back to near freezing overnight tonight kboi news time seven await fifty degrees in downtown boise with sports sears rick worthington it is probably one of the most iconic stadiums i think in college sports right now the los angeles memorial coliseum it sold its namingrights yesterday to united airlines a lucrative deal that was announced by us c yesterday afternoon the agreement will span sixteen years reportedly worth some seventy million dollars nearly and rename the iconic stadium the united airlines memorial coliseum beginning in august of 2019 more than that though it's also going to help fund a two hundred and seventy milliondollar renovation that's already underway the coliseum has been home to the us he trojans football team since 1928 three it will house the rams for two more seasons and tell their stadium is done in inglewood that's supposed to be done by 2020 coliseum also hosting its third olympic games in twenty 28 so it's time to rebuild the old girl and that's what they're doing they get bunch of money from united airlines in order to make that happen for the past eighteen years the patriots a form to dynasty backed by the same owner the same head coach in the same quarterback in their ninth trip to the super bowl and his franchise vying for his sixth title robert kraft pointed the difficulty of maintaining such stability at the top of an organization for about two decades he said continuity is hard it's so hard i don't know that there's any other relationship like that in the nfl with just one of those a head coach or a quarterback they have them both were pretty lucky up here in new england i think he's right and i mean regardless of who you root for on sunday the super bowl the eagles who are the clear underdog where the patriots you really up to sit back and look at the patriots dynasty years just say well incredible what they've been able to do last vote of.

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