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And if you land right on your back and you could like shadow ribs and other various body parts as maybe i'm a pansy s real i got three kids man i mean you seem to mention that almost every time i talk to you no boats because i got three do you guys think you could do that backflip off of two other 10meter bore a hole no no no want okay if if if we're putting this one on the poll are we sure okay it should be yes and hell no gets you just be a no it should be a hell no okay how how what have you learned the university of miami last time i saw you on television were milk in a cow where was that that was at penn state where they actually have a dairy on campus it's the oldest dairy on campus dairy in the country actually's one hundred fifty years old give this haagendazs ben and jerry's all of them come to pin state once a year in january and they go to ice cream school apparently pins state is a state of the art ice cream university so we learned not only that they make the ice cream there but they also have the farm right across the field from viag the stadium's beaver stadium right across right across the street state of your i have a very far four hundred fifty head of cattle and two hundred twenty i'm get milked every day and when that when the when the guy i would like to shut him out i forget his name when he told us that they milk to earn twenty a day i looked at jonathan and he looked at me and we were we're looking at got out of.

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