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Chased a group of young black kids out of cornell yelling don't come back here and we're in words said one purported witness she and another witness denied that the young men in question stole items from the store but merely knocked over items in response to stones actions a scottish man who was convicted of a hate crime for teaching his girlfriend's dog to do the nazi salute was fined eleven hundred dollars in scotland on monday arc meacham was convicted last month for posting a grossly offensive video to youtube he taught the pug named buddha to respond with the nazi salute when prompted by heil hitler and gas the jews he said on the video he trained the dog to annoys girlfriend kind of humor by amateurs my girlfriend has always ranting and raving about how cute and adorable her dog is so i thought it would turn them into the least q thing i could think of i'm so sorry to the jewish community for any offence i've caused them this was never mind tension he wrote and i apologize officials with special olympics washington are rising after hundreds of athletes were disqualified from racist for performing too well the began enforcing into really competitions over the weekend if an athlete records time more than fifteen percent faster than their qualifying they're disqualified dalen lubbock texas a photo of four past presidents at three first ladies at former first lady barbara bush funeral went viral after it went viral the lubbock county democratic party headquarters posted the photo missing one person it had been cropped to show everyone but melania trump it was an honest mistake said democratic party headquarters capture now reads i apologize for posting an incomplete picture i didn't realize anyone was missing until it was pointed out thank you for your concern.

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