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Nearly one hundred forty million dollars on 95 new buses for the orange and silver winds officials say the move is in line with the agency trying to convert to all zero emission vehicles by 2030 the orange route runs between chatsworth and north hollywood the silver line runs between sent p dro and downtown la la mayor garcetti says the changes we'll see fuel reduce noise and improve public health larry parral kfi news nine people including two children have died after being in the back of eighteen wheeler in san antonio texas at least twenty other people have been pulled out alive many other people have been idead now as mexican and guatemala nationals officials say seventeen people are dealing with lifethreatening conditions and that many will likely have severe brain there were remember number that him up voters in that trailer at survived true look crime set in tony believe to volume advantage says officers responded to a call from a parking lot at a walmart yesterday and employees call police about possible illegal immigrants upper someone from the truck had asked for water the driver of the truck has been arrested democrats are set to unveil a new economic a gender tomorrow we're going to raise people's wages and create better paying jobs we're going to cut down on their everyday expenses they have to pay and we're going to give them the tools they need to compete in the twentyfirst century senate minority leader chuck schumer says democrats are gonna work to correct the systems that's rigged against worker xu schumer says the economic agenda looks to create a federal fifteen dollarperhour minimum wage the new policy would also create a special office it will go after the drug companies if they raised their prices sixteen year old son of an apple police officers can resume his bicycle ride across the state dow to raise funds and awareness of the the california peace officers memorial foundation which his police officers who have died in the line of duty traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center still got that closure in pico rivera 605 yet that continues 605 south at hill road police activity has all lanes shut down you're looking at just take jammed up try from the sixty involved part crash on extent east epa 605 at second.

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