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Ah, lot of your clients have been listening to the show, too. And A lot of them have been saying to you. Great. I think you're gonna get so busy. You're not going to be on call for me anymore. That's just not true. Is it? No, of course it's not true. I enjoy what I do. And I've never seen a divisive. That's so busy. They don't have time for anybody. I mean, if that's true, then maybe there Maybe they don't wanna be in the business anymore. But there's a why you are in the business. You are on call, and we love getting to know our listeners here too. We've had so many great questions over these last few weeks, and we want to remind you if you want to learn more from the guy you're hearing on the radio. We do have our retirement academy coming up later this month. May 19th If you'd like to join us for that dinner event, you can reach us and Greg dinner is involved, too. But we're keeping these events small for our listeners. So This is their chance to come in asking questions. If they'd like. Yes, I hope to see people out there. It's been over a year since we've done this and normally have a very good turnout will be having it over it. Spanky teenies in Seal Beach, So please R S V P I need to do it by calling into the show or you can do it by going to our website because seats to fill it fast and then they're very informative and also know that you know, none of my presentations that are due are the same. They're always different because I basically change things too. What's going on in the market and what's going on in politics in regards to how things were affected with, you know, I think I'll be changes with interest rates, you know, or as the big topic that's coming up is taxes in capital gains, so I will be discussing that in great detail on the next one. That'll be coming up in June as well. That's right. We're gonna take it to different neighborhoods, different great restaurants around the area to Greg's kind of a foodie, too. So if you want to learn more in this group setting, this is a great way. Especially when you're talking Italian for this event, Greg, I don't know I'm might have to join you, too. But we're looking forward to seeing some of you at these events to so again if you want to make that reservation talk to us off the air during today's show, 562 269 1007, and you brought up politics. So let's go there this week. Greg, I think this us that might be a little interesting to some of our listeners here this weekend, according to C F R, a research President Biden has had the strongest stock market performance during a new president's 1st 100 days since John F. Kennedy back in 1961. Of course, over the previous four years, we have the Trump train. Do you think this? I don't know. We'll call it the Biden boom. Do you think it's something we can feel good about when it comes to our investments? Well, it's something to be good about. But he's not directly responsible predecessor because if you look at things it was, you know, the During of taxes. You know, if you look at what happened before the pandemic, we had one of the best economies that the US has ever seen. And then when the pandemic came, it put everything literally. The brakes were put on emergency brakes were put on. And now that everything's recovering, you know, if you look at if you compare numbers to it last year, when we're locked down anything looks great, too. What happened last year were sitting at home. But, yeah, I mean, a lot of the stuff was done because of the tax changes and because of the prior administration, and if it wasn't for operation warp speed, which is a lot of Saul, get the vaccine faster. If you look what's going on in the world, I mean, I feel sorry for India. You know, they're forced to take the vaccines from Russia and China, which I think are 50% or even sometimes a 30%. And here we're very fortunate. This country we've got, you know three vaccines. One. That's 90% of the one thing that 95% and then we've got Johnson and Johnson, which I think is up to 65%. I mean, that's a lot better than what the world has, You know, so we're very fortunate to be here. But that's where the economy is doing well being our technology and What we've done with the pandemic. We've been able to turn things around. Yeah, you make a great point. A lot of that work started with the previous administration. So that's why you've been telling us though, Greg, you're not so much worried about these first couple quarters of the year. It's really later in 2021. That's causing you concern right now. Why is that? Because of the taxes that are coming. I mean, all this free money that we're getting out. The other thing I want to talk about. You know, if you look at the real estate market here in California, it's hot. Single family residences are just I mean, they're outbidding people. The other flying And right now, people have that anxiety that they're not going to get. You know, if you're a seller, it's great. But if you're a buyer, you have decided, you know you're not going to get a home. You're going to get a home. You're gonna pay more if you're willing to buy into that mindset, But things are going to change. I mean the inventory things will get better. So there's a lot happening right now financially. And even if your portfolio is doing really well, a lot of us have concerns about what happens to taxes from here. What about those real estate prices? If you were planning a move in retirement that might affect your plans to and That's the kind of conversation that Greg's having right now with his clients and advisors on call, And if you'd like to evaluate where you stand right now, take a look at the risk.

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