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Thank you i've been talking to duke basketball players on highly questionable recently and i don't know what aired in what has an aired in taping stuff about coach k but two stories have been told recently one of which is him out wearing like a military helmet and like with that has the word attack on it like some sort of 1950s groucho marx movie and running into the locker room and screaming and getting them all fired up in them going out but there was another one i gotta can you ask somebody highly questionable 'cause i can't remember the player who told me we talked to gray sound but i don't think it was him it might have been it might have been that coach k ran into the locker room after a braveheart moment and through a flaming spear no it into the locker room listen to me knows listen to me listen to me i don't know if this is air jet the i need to find out if this is there ought to be aggregated threw flaming spear in the locker room and it was meant to land in a bunch of wet towels that the wet towels were there and the players got in there were wondering why there were wet towels in there and then he runs in braveheart froze but then then the wall caught fire because he missed he missed i could see that being so that wonky the wet towels you missed let towels in the wall caught fire i and the way the kid told the story is that and then we ran out there and we were all excited and you know we won by thirty but i was thinking to myself men that would have been a horrible calamity and a really national scandal of epic an historic proportions if that locker room had caught fire a feel obligated to ask at this point was are also talking dog in this or an.

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