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Alright. How about that one. Oh segment at a time. A student like that the with you. One eight hundred eight seven eight play We are going to start the show the open line so it's a good time to Get in and You know it's it's interesting when you know nowadays when somebody says something In the world of sports like a Broadcaster thing you immediately have people who say shots fired shots not just shots fired shots fired and we kinda got a little bit of that. Today with terry bradshaw terry bradshaw. It doesn't bother anybody terry. Bradshaw always making you know goofball himself on the set and by the way those. I've said it before but those pregame shows i. I don't think i've ever watched a full one in my life. I certainly haven't watched any of them in the last twenty thirty years or they have six sometimes as many as six guys four to five and the only time i get a glimpse as like halftime if they go to real quick coach cower. What do you think. Keep pounding iraq. How long do you think. Get some pressure on the quarterback. Joey galloway. what do you th- it's nonsensical. But that's where bradshaw's usually go. I'm just the dumb. Hey seat he. He's pleased that up that one commercial where he's like. Oh i'm fat. Look fat. I am was that nutrisystem or maybe it was nutrisystem. What was this. Shake that tommy lasorda. Houston drink. he lost all that weight and then he put it right back. But would kurt. Bevaqua say about that. The fat little italian over there. Well you would think that You know Bradshaw would sort of stay in his lane but he didn't like the way things went down and green bay on draft day and you think that the draft would take precedent the news on draft day up there in orlando and it didn't because it was all about drama being created by their quarterback who will be in the hall of fame that's a given unless he Does something horrifyingly heinous. But he will be in the hall of fame. He's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time when it comes to stats and cuts down passes. And he has a ring and blah blah blah blah accuracy but You know he made a mess of things and he called out. The packers publicly doesn't wanna play for them anymore and now yahoo. Sports is reporting that. He'll only come back. If brian gupta is fired the gm. Wow it's me or him type of thing. I can tell you that. Brian gupta coons do grow on. Trees and aaron rodgers don't Then there was speculation that he just might walk away from the game forever. He does have more money than sinatra and he'd be quite fine with it. I know he got engaged to that Actress who i don't care for our name But all the best to them. I don't think she's a very good actress. But that's me but this Looming divorce between rodgers. And the packers is polarizing and people are gonna start chiming in and as i mentioned the hall of famer the guy with multiple super bowl rings. Terry bradshaw has a chimed in. And you know you think about the decision to draft jordan love in the first round last year which was completely stupid for that team. He'd anything get wraps he was. The third stringer. Boyle was the backup. It was a bad bad decision but anyway this is terry bradshaw said last night quote about aaron rodgers him. Being that upset shows me how we kids who the hell cares who you draft. He's a three time. Mvp in the league and he's worried about the guy. They drafted last year at number one and for him to be upset. My gosh. i don't understand that. Pittsburgh drafted mark malone number one cliffs stout and the third or fourth round. I had them coming at me from all angles. I embraced it because when we went to practice. I wasn't worried about those guys. They didn't scare me a bit. So i don't understand why he's so upset at green bay and quote if you ever watch mark malone or cliff style. Play like i did yes. He had nothing to worry about. This guy but mark will owned. By the way i tom. Celik dead ringer back in the day but Yeah those guys were. that's not. That's not what terry bradshaw has pointed. Terry bradshaw's bring in new guys. Okay go ahead. brought As for what he would do if he was running the show in green bay bradshaw said quote. I wouldn't budge. Let them gripe let them cry retire. You're thirty eight. Go ahead and retire. see you later. I'm really strong about stuff like that. And it just makes him look weak and my way of looking at things it makes him look weak equity And i understand that You know i listen. I really don't think now this is just me. I really don't think it was the jordan. Love thing because rogers was already crying about stuff before jordan. Love was ever drafted. And that was mostly about. Mike mccarthy The jordan love didn't help and to kind of correct terry bradshaw. I don't think aaron rodgers is worried about his job. I don't think aaron rodgers doesn't like the fact that i mean talk about getting put in the same situation he was put in with brett farve. I don't know if aaron rodgers has embraced jordan love a practice or not. How many guys take a third stringer under their wing anyway but What it looks like right now. Is that the path that bradshaw has recommended for the front office. Looks like the path that the packers are going down right now. From the top to the bottom of the organization they have expressed zero interest and moving players. So we're headed here for standoff not a mexican standoff can't say that anymore a standoff. Who will blink first. I don't know about the wait and find out but no matter which way that the clay lands the shined on rogers is well. It's already dimmed in one hall of famer is and it's going to damage the mothers. that's just You know. Rogers is a guy who's let's just say he's confident you know and the whole Story i wasn't there about the niner's thinking he was a bit of a jerk. Didn't want to deal with them. So they drafted alex smith. They're probably gonna draft alex smith. Anyway you get the thing you gotta remember. There's also you know how they say recent bias. The greatest basketball.

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