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And the, you know, there are other valuable markets around the world like the UK, Germany and Hong Kong, very, very big consumers of of French wine. But it's been a struggle for France last year into the year before in two thousand seventeen there was some pretty severe winter weather and that really resulted in terrible wind season, I think it was the worst crop of vine since one thousand nine hundred forty five. So that was the result of the two thousand seventeen cold weather, so hopefully, two thousand eighteen vintage is going down. Well because people are tasting it now. But yeah, I mean, there's a lot more players in the industry a lot more competition and some of them got very aggressive. But I think where France is really holding onto its niche is really. The top end of the spectrum. And then again with champagnes Provence rose, as I think, that's where you know, frauds can command something of a premium, and and under and correspondingly high price will Tom I know that you're a very hardworking journalists. It would be very unlike you to not put yourself right at the center of the story. Will you be heading on down there for a bit of well research, of course. Absolutely. It was a beautiful day. The moment there's no excuse whatsoever for not going to bother Cy on the other side of Paris and sipping some wine in the company of all these rather amazing international producers of of wine from across the globe. While she is in bottoms up to Tom Burgess Watson embarrass their thanks for joining us. Tom. That's all for today's edition of the briefing was produced by Reese James and researched by your lean fan and ROY Goode Arik out studio manager was Christie Evans. The briefing is back at the very same time tomorrow. Join Andrew moolah for today's edition of Meduri house. That's going live at eighteen hundred here in London thirty nine hundred if. You're listening in New York City. My name is Ben Ryland? That's the briefing laugh now..

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