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He tweeted something the other day of like people watch documentary and think they know everything in one of the documentaries. He essentially says this isn't fraud it was false advertising. And it was fraud fact, and you also think when you have a celebrity, and I don't know, I guess we consider Jarrell celebrity attached to things like this. They're not involved. They're just a name the reality was he was making multiple trips to the Bahamas. He's looking at the venues himself. He's helping book the models. He's helping put this together. And the fact that he's in the post meetings about how it didn't work. You really see how involved he was that was that was the biggest surprise to me. It's an easy watch too. Because you don't feel too bad for the people that got screwed over because it's all these rich uppity kids that had the money to go and the time to go and. All these influencers on Instagram. The only people you really end up feeling bad for our like the people in the Bahamas. Yes, it didn't get paid for any of their work etcetera etcetera. But it's it's it's almost like I I remember following the story as it happened. And it didn't bother me as much because the people that we're getting screwed over these very it was like the wealthy kids were stuck on an island in the Bahamas didn't have their private jet to fly them home. Yeah. It was Lord of the flies for Instagram generation ESO is fund of watching far. But you it is remarkable that nobody stopped at along. The you're just waiting for win somebody gonna pull the plug on this. But Lord of the flies character piggy toughen, their the favorite. Congratulations by best picture. Best director best screenplay best. Actress to bring actresses unbelievable lady with the nominations that Romo. Yeah. Now, I'm very excited about it. I I'm not so sure I would give it best picture. I'm still feeling say Dan tweeted that he did. I mean, obviously, I get a Levy Coleman best actress. But it's I'm. I'm still undecided there. I I need to go back. And really think about what I saw. I finally green book. Oh boy. I mean, it is made. It's it's a good watch. I liked it lot more than I thought. I would allot more than I wanted to like it. But it is such a clean full circle. Happy. Go lucky campy feel that. And of course, reading now of the back story, that's hours at a little bit for me. So I can't fully hop on board by yet. But it was I mean, it was really good watch till wins. Best picture. I don't I don't think I'd be disappointed that I think I was having this conversation with my mom recently about the whole family went to the shape of water last year. And I'm thinking, okay. This is going to be best picture, but you can't tell me that shape. A water is for everyone. I mean that that is exactly. And so in that won best picture, you know, there are people that that's feel excluded and go look the Oscars for me. These aren't my type of movies green book, I can get behind something. That's really hard to hate. You know, I it's really inclusive. Yes. Seven hundred members the academy and the option a better job of getting more women more. Minorities. But that you're right. That is very much an old school academy audience. Like, Jay Bilas. That's the best movie. I've seen in years. Yeah. I could see Jay Bill saying that Trey wingo. Loved it, Dan, Shulman loved it. I'm like white men in their fifties. That awesome. Yeah. AARP crowd note. No question question right up in the air clarify. Thank you. Thank you. He's just an average man with an average light. And he's reviews dictate that right up. My alley foremost flaming train, Dan stanza kids. I thought it was a little little much every man, but a bit of an absence here in every minute. What are you coming in hot with? I one of the first one of the new year. I love how earlier in this pod. We're like we're never going over an hour again. This is definitely going to be over an hour just further. Okay. From now while pretending after this one will hold today ended up tighten it up. Yeah. Going forward the world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That's guaranteed. I can't begin to explain that..

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