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And the ones who had knowledge first, no, no, no. No, it's only Apple because it's Apple. No, no, sorry. I didn't mean like, you know, Big Macs. Yes. I just found out. They ordered the tablet. What's called Apple TV for the iPad for for everything? Apple everything. It's it's one subscription. Yeah. With you games that are only on the subscription. So it's not quite like game pass because game best titles. You can also buy regularly. This one is subscription-only. I get one thing goes on the subscription. You have to get the subscription. Judah of a full new game that's going to be weird to see how that rolls out. Hopefully, it's I mean, they did Elder Scrolls blades for Apple first right, wasn't it? I saw one screenshot of it and I looked very much like a classic. Oh, gotcha. You mean like a 2d classic? Yes. I see. Okay, that makes a little bit more sense. Okay. You You never care. That would be my assumption as well. It's like then you often those apple arcade games are like exclusive for a year or so, right? So in certain or later rained out from, they're coming off. All right, what else we got? Let's see. I think that was about it for the things. We wanted to mention. For me. It's actually been a calm week. I mean, you got like the page Activision, guys. All getting fired because of guys, but yeah, please go back to. Yeah, like to resume music, whatever. Super had a comment. Sorry, super had a comment about Nine Inch Nails guitarist in spec ops. Oh, yeah, what was that? Not dead guitarist for Nine Inch Nails? Who was also a guitarist for Guns and Roses for a while. He replaced /. Robin finck has teamed together with Corey Davis, who was the creative director on spec, Ops the Line to make a set up their own game studio. And their first game is going to be a cosmic horror game and that's about all we know. They talk about a concept called synesthesia with the combination of Music narrative and interactive experience home for for the foundation of the horror. So wait, so synesthesia, was that the one where people see sounds as colors. Yeah, like in the direction, senses overlap, right? I didn't read it. Where, where was the guy who did? That game, where was he prior to this? So he's joined up with this guy. Where what was he doing after he made the.

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