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It made buggy whips and saddles and never stopped doing it until it was gone. And if you look at countries or look at companies, they perish, and if you have any sense of history, you realize that and you know, try to avoid it in a hearing the story of how you made this happen and all the work you put into it. I wonder if you think you're just wired differently to be able to put up with all that stuff for so many years. Well, I yeah, I probably I'm wired a little bit differently from from many people nerve probably very happy about that difference themselves. But one of the things is that I never looked back. You know, I don't spend a lot of time regretting things that went wrong. And Furthermore, I think that I've always had a great deal of fun out of what I was doing. And you know, people would say to me, why don't you? Why don't you burned out? You know, I was working one hundred hours a week love Lanta, very simply. Well, it's easy. When you have a passionate joy in what you're doing. You. Don't burn out. Her Kelleher co-founded Southwest Airlines fifty years ago, and he served as CEO. And then Ford before retiring in two thousand eight by the way, herb Kelleher once result a trademark dispute with a rival airline both using the slogan plane smart, he resolved this not in court, but by challenging the other CEO to a public arm wrestling match, which herb Kelleher washed. You can see that entire arm. Wrestling match just go to Google and type in the malice in Dallas..

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