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Across the Potomac River dedicated exclusively to passenger rail governor Ralph nor them says that would break up a bottle neck that currently limits train travel into the city the plan would double the number of Amtrak trains in Virginia and help provide nearly hourly Amtrak service between Richmond in DC it would also allow Virginia rail express to start providing weekend service a restaurant in DC's Petworth neighborhood says it's received dozens of arresting phone calls some of them containing threats to kill the staff the owner of talk to rid of Mario believes the calls have been coming in because the restaurant host both drag queen brunches and a drag trivia night after receiving more than sixty calls over two days the restaurant on up your street northwest called police to report it is a hate crime police have confirmed the investigation but will not discuss details of prince George's county police lieutenant been convicted of sexually assaulting a woman after she left the party prosecutors say Richard talent followed the woman behind a fraternal order of police building into the woods tackled her to the ground and sexually assaulted her talent was suspended when the police department learned of the allegations earlier this year he faces up to twenty years in prison you'll be paying more to park your car on the national mall and it Thompson boat center in the new year the National Park Service says starting next month it'll cost two dollars and thirty cents an hour if you want to park your car at a meter along the national mall or at the Thompson boat center that matches the current rate of parking meters across the district money made from the meters helps the park service pay for things like landscape run invasions and the re striving of cross walks along with the cost of running the DC circulator national mall route Maria leaf on WMAL and WMAL dot com a couple from Loudon county has been charged with embezzling more than fifty thousand dollars from a youth soccer club the sheriff's office says forty year old Jeffrey current work as a coach for Old Dominion FC and his wife forty six year old Berkeley current work as a volunteer for the club both husband and wife had access to the teams bank accounts and when club officials notice your regularities they call the sheriff's office which discovered the couple had withdrawn money several times between twenty fifteen and last year both are now free on bond.

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