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And that includes your property tax so in high tax states all across america homeowners would do well to try to reduce their property tax bill as much as they can let's talk about that now with the property tax expert joining us now is our good friend ben anderson the tax collector of okaloosa county florida that the home of fort walton beach and destined ben is a real tour america this having worked with buyers and sellers were forty four years before becoming the tax collector and later this year he'll take over as the president of the florida tax collectors association for two thousand eighteen and two thousand nineteen ben welcome back to real estate today thank you so much dave and i am glad to be back with you and really welcome the opportunity to talk to all of our listeners today we're delighted you're here and so okay we understand that every municipality has to have enough money to provide services and to operate and that's what our property taxes go to but what can i do to make my property tax bill lower and make sure i'm paying the smallest possible tax well i can tell you an attack collector my county i don't know of anybody that's paying too little tax all all over that and i think oftentimes it's because they don't see maybe the value coming back in the services but this is a very important question as to how do we lower our tax bill and i think there's two ways to start on that it's important for our listeners to contact their realtors to get help comparing their.

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