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Deliver copies to the local police station and say come on prosecutors which they did that. You defended themselves colts. They won their case and this fruits philosophy which by this time was went out of date began to settle in. It's hundreds of thousands. And what what does the phrase syphilis? They actually say what I told you how to avoid conception is on contraceptive technique. Noten who who who was a Was a great advocate of chemical dotion technology at the time. I'm well it yet. There were other techniques but actually actually that was a feminist socks. This is well you know. He's one of the reasons he favored. Douching was left control to the woman interesting. And what happened? Up THE FRUITS OF PHILOSOPHY. Where their next handbooks to follow that? Well you see it. Without a date. In eighteen seventy seven brethren one percent did draw the hesitate over publishing it because I thought what actually this isn't the latest best deploys and so immediately afterwards Andy percent wrote her book conflict. Belco sixpence so conflicts Which ordinary people could afford And that was cold the north population. She withdrew that in nineteen ninety one when she let Rolette side down by joining the also fists and then the most popular of all books appear would nothing reading a lot about this. Recently as a sort of hero of the birth control movement. Andrew appreciated was Dr Henry Author Albert whose wife Handbook so more than any other stadium stadium prince till the nineteenth switches and sold over half a million copies connected to the national secular society. Yes yes yes. He was a member of the national secular. Society also was an important figure in the mouth. Suzy League which Bracknell and percents founded of the eighteen seventy seven trial and the Malthusian league went home for year. Many is off towards promoting the idea of what they called neo. Malthusianism actually recorded birth control and they promoted that many many years and in a way evolved into the Family Planning Association a the members of the NSS were involved in other social reforms as well as the birth control movement. Could you tell us about some of the most important ones and the people behind them? Well resist mentioning another former. Nss President now who in the nineteen sixties wrote the book About the NSS. One Hundred Years of free thought to set that was to celebrate at centenarian part but he made the point that his belly a social reform that the society hasn't championed a new. She champions ahead of anybody else. Amazing sales very unpopular in doing sir. But having second thoughts pick on a cockle that very closely related the Ron Golden threads south golden threads through the history off the Of Secularism at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. Fia over evolution in this country was rife the government responded by attempting to clamp down on the secularization of Nasi dangerous radical ideas. Particularly those are the type espoused by pain. Who was in their minds. The Bogeyman Pau excellence okay. One of them main techniques with the imposition of stamp duties on newspapers. Make you too expensive for working people. These stamp duties were furiously. But the likes of Richard Carlile who I mentioned earlier republish. All pains works in the Nineteen Twenties and thirties and got seven years in Dorchester. Gaol for his trouble and by Holyoke many others did. Were those with those works. Sold in such a way that they were available to working people. Yes yes so. But nobody ever made money out of free sources for the and and that goes for my ancestor. It wasn't a profitable business because they were selling very cheap pamphlets to working class apron trying to sell them as cheaply as possible because they wanted to maximize the circulation. They they pamphlet published with the blogs of that age. Fantastic and any other major. She mentioned that with two of them stemp duties what's the well. The freedom of freedom of the press swan the second closely related was campaign against the blasphemy. Laws which is the governing to explain why that was fundamental to secularists. They thought you should be able to speak about religion as you could speak about any other matter. And THAT SHOULDN'T BE PROHIBITIONS. On things that were regarded as disrespectful. Rude when you spoke about about the religious and here. Gw foot needs a special mention because it was Hey who the height of the Bracknell problems of the eighteen eighties decided to tighten the back over to the what he regarded as the bigots by publishing his extraordinarily irregular irreverent outrageous and satirical newspaper. They the free thinker. Now one of the devices used in particular Shades of Charlie. Hebdo Hiya but one of the devices used in particular world cartoons Bible cartoons as he code them. That were very very disrespectful. And he was inviting prosecution. He spent a year in jail and as a result of ozone resulting fist. But what he did go was the T. highlighted the absurdity of the situation that he thought confronted him and have does this. Do you think compared with the situation today that the blasphemy laws in the UK will abolish not that long ago we make lots of progress or is there still much blasphemy in the UK? Well well you know if that film life abroad and it appears in the big film but obviously must have made some progress in that respect Of course it's motivation. That's a lot more to die. We all faced with a situation where we say. The growth potential growth of populism authoritarianism to me secularists one aspect to secularism that golden thread. I mentioned earlier. His always being about freedom freedom of speech freedom of expression secularists or liberals if there and nothing else liberals and individualist liberals and individualists absolutely ESPN's and freedom of speech has always been one of the National Secular Society's biggest campaign issues as as. What you said illustrates a golden thread. Emma ago golden thread absolutely. Yes and why do you think Bob it? Why is it important for? Nss members today to know about the society's history in the nineteenth century. Why does it still matter? Thank you so much for that question them up because this sounds lockups. This is a personal campaign. I'm on here. Let me suggest some reasons why his the history of this wonderful society is so important? I must obviously the lessons to be drawn from the past second. There's some cracking store is not giving you a little flavor and there's more in my series of videos. There's some cracks cracking stories about extraordinarily brave people who deserve to be remembered third because history organizations with a.

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