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Anyway, it's actually not what happened. But that's what did he get a to get the deal. He's playing he he wasn't going to get a hundred million thinks he was going to get one hundred million. But now he has debilitating hip hip injury. And he's he he don't so. So as a team, would you be great that he was a game or that? He he rushed his back to play for the team. Have you ever? Have. You heard anyone say anything negative about other people in? No, I get that Emmett Smith selfish. Did you hear selfish by the by the nickname daily? They just said they were done with them. They were done with him. First of all this idea. That guy's loss. I'm glad they didn't make the playoffs. Okay. That's me here. Here's what the NFL people. Think Chris Carson was the seventh round pick you rush for one thousand yards. Good guy. Philip Lindsey was undrafted. And he got hurt happens. All the time. He if it happens all the time. Why would somebody spend a bunch of money on a guy who hasn't played in the year? 'cause he's he's a game changer. He's that good and for people to discount him and poop. But everybody has a value. There's a limit like, you're good. But there's a limit. This is like when you go in you, you negotiate or something. Like, look, I'm good. I can do any shove. I I look I hear you. But there's a limit to how much we're gonna pay you based upon this time slot that happens in our business. It's happened to their business. And and the denying of that thank curt flood, dude. He ain't holding out to be a free agent. He was holding out. So he could like you said, so he could get a better contract. It was about him and him only and whatever he's told those offensive lineman. Whatever he told those guys about when he would be back in how he would handle his business. He didn't. And they were done with him did not. That's the calmer on why they went home and they're not going to the playoffs. I'm telling you car matters coming up coming up coming up next. We did see the colts go in to Indy. Go in to Indy. Assuming cocoa sorry. The colts go into Tennessee. The colts go into Tennessee and get a big win. When we didn't see was Marcus. Mariota clay Travis spent an entire show crushing. Mario data and the titans..

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