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The following podcast is a deer media. Production this episode of the absolutely not podcast brought to you by venus yam talking about gillette. Venus the best of the best. Here's the deal at some point as a summer's for graduate some point in your life. You've probably trimmed it up down there. Pubic pupukea you know what i know. We've all done it. The cool thing is venus for pubic hair and skin has come out with some of my favorite products. And i'm gonna break it down for a minute. Tell you what i love and you know i'm being honest and they're sponsoring this podcast. I'm we're gonna get into it. Here's a whether you're pubic hair is gone growing or their. This new collection has products to help take care of your pubic skin and hair. It's not just about the hair you gotta prep so that you're getting the best of the best when you use the best products on it okay. We've got the venus for pubic skin. Razor which features optimally spaced out. Blades to allow razors to cut here. While barely touching the skin. It includes an ergonomics candle with rubber. Like grip who doesn't love that. This razor minimizes irritation in the pubic area. Used it freshen up. Form went to the pool fantastic. I never use another razor. It's absolutely unbelievable. Here's the thing. I also love the skin smoothing exfoliating. Now i use that before. I shave a little explanation. Get the get the hair follicles loose and ready to be taken off but house. Loose-knit sweep away old skin cells and oils. That can trap here. You won't get an ingrown hair accelerate beforehand. Us.

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