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Joe Boroughs good, too. I mean I think he has an overall really good team Davis Matic takes Jimmy Garoppolo and kirk cousins as quarterbacks. He goes miles. Sanders, camakers, Damian Williams Ca Sean, Bond Tony Pollard, Lynn, Boden and Benny Snell as his running backs, receivers Amari Cooper Aj Brown Dj Dark Christian. Kirkdale regula viscous Chenault Jalen, Hurd tight ends or George cadle, and Irv Smith maybe the most upside of anybody in this draft so far as far as combined. But they've maybe the most question marks to with with the rookies the you know you look what he did after mile, sanders that's a lot of question marks at running back, but you know with a lot of upside and then you look at only taking two tight ends only taking two quarterbacks especially when you wait until round thirteen. I don't know if that'll pay off so while I could see this team being very successful. There's a lot wildcards on this roster. That makes it tough difficult to pin down. Yeah, I would agree with you on that Garoppolo and cousins I think I think it's a little bit because they were so cheap I feel like you just. He gave away the value that was just gifted to him because. People were letting quarterbacks. Go for so long. We don't have to wait till the thirteenth Ron and take to somebody else just Chiba earlier. Gary Allen the two thousand fifteen FCC main event champ takes Tom Brady Ryan Tannehill and Philip rivers as his quarterbacks running back Kenyan. Drake David Johnson Phillip Lindsey James, White and Justin Jackson receivers. Chris Godwin Kennedy Golladay T Y Hilton. Emmanuel Sanders Justin Jefferson Denzel. mims and Alshon Jeffery Tight End Evan. Ingram Jack, doyle and Tyler is kind of unsexy team Dave with with all these veterans here I guess for me, he? He's going to need You know white to patch up some holes. He might need Lindsey to to get a Gordon injury, so he can get a couple of star table weeks here, but then you look late and it's like it's a couple of rookie. Receivers it. It's Alshon. Jeffery it's Justin Jackson and need some help. to to become fantasy relevant I. Don't know if this is the way that I would have drafted my team from that, but you can't. Really. I mean you look at the top four picks, Drake Godwin Golladay Johnson. There's a lot of fantasy goodness there. Yeah there's a few players. I felt like were. Maybe he should be. You know no offense, but I think he should be checking ADP. A little better. I mean Lindsey was early Denzel. mims was pop. IV Five rounds early, so I feel like some of those picks were just like they have been made later and he could have grabbed somebody else. instills got the players like. Final team. We're GONNA. Look at tonight from the noise. It is Elliott Chris. He takes Baker Mayfield. Ben Rothlisberger and drew lock quarterbacks. His running backs are Joe Mixing Todd. Gurley Andrea Swift Marlin Mac Boston Scott Receivers tyreek, Hill, Odell Beckham Kirtland, Sutton Jamison crowder Dede Westbrook Larry Fitzgerald Corey Davis Tight Ends Jared Cook Mike, sick and Austin Hooper so when you take those three straight tight ends there which I i. like you know that trail is is great, but then. Then you're looking at you know Marlon. Mac and Boston. Scott issue number, four and five running backs. He waits until round sixteen to kind of patch up that receiver core with Westbrook Fitzgerald Davis I. Mean You could do a lot worse than that I think. He did a solid job with this last three picks and I'm no problem with the waiting on the quarterback until round thirteen to get Mayfield Rothlisberger and lock to certainly a competitive team here. Yeah. I mean He. I thought he'd picked value with Todd Gurley, I still feel a girly. Going to a fourth-round is It's kind of ridiculous I I just think. When you have that offense being that good. So getting those top top six picks I can kind of mess around a little bit with the other stuff, so I think it's a good team overall. Duty Fits Corey Davis kind of garbage late, but that garbage could actually pay off. Yeah I, mean they only need pay off a few weeks and Here's crowder's a solid picked you. I thought the ten throwing there there was a tenth round pick. Yeah Yeah Nice job by by Elliott Chris there from fade the noise dot com, a nice job, everybody. Yeah, great show. This is a fun draft I knew it was gonna be fun with with all the talent in this draft, and all the accomplishments for both the pros and. This was fun. I want to thank our guest and Curtis Patrick Ryan McDowell, and of course Mike Show for popping in and chiming in with us when I think they're their money, the F. FCC Dave Girls. Act Our producer, mutual friend, ROB audio engineering, my best friend Bryce most of all all of our listeners tomorrow night. We do it again. What what are we? GonNa Draft Football. GUYS, yes! Six left in the football, guys. So what time does.

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