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Into the program that I forgot. Cause I never actually look at the old man during the show, except when he stands up in Prince for the camera. With his Carolina Panther gear on I am Jim Rome are coming to you live from the rocket mortgage studios. Whether you want to buy a home or refinance occurred home rocket can All right. Coming into the start of our number three. I got to ask the question. How can you not love Sam Pittman? That's such a great dude. What a great coach! What a great win over Texas. Arkansas huge win and their top 20. We had a key to leave, who also I thought was excellent. Back an hour number two. I am efforting Steelers quarterback Cam Sutton, who, by the way is a really nice player. Really nice player and making his jungle debut and that's coming up momentarily. So let me start off. The third hour telephone number is Toll free 1 806 368686. At original T B B B tweets. So glad to hear Coach Pittman on your show. I've been a fan of the Hogs since I was six years old. We have had so much heartache over our program the past decade. It feels so good to have coaches make us feel pride in the program like Musselman and Pittman. We'll see about both those guys. And I know I can speak for Amos. Because as I mentioned before I I look at my career. I literally literally go back further with Eric Musselman than anybody that appears on this program. You must and I literally came in together or the same age and I started interviewing him when we're about 23. I know I can speak from us must loves it. There must as immense pride he always does wherever he is because he's just the ultimate pro. But I know he loves being there. You're lucky to have him. He is lucky to have you. And I think you disorder from your football coach Sam Pittman said it, man. This is where I want to be I I literally loved what he said that he went to his players and said You sure as hell didn't choose me. But I chose you. And we didn't run anybody off, Nor did we make anybody stay. And we knew that if we all pull together for the same thing we could win with who we had Maybe not win a national championship. But I love that. Normally you get to a situations jacked up. First thing you think of I got to get new players. That's not what he did. Great interview. Alright as promised. We're joined right now by a cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had a big game, big game and yesterday's win over Buffalo, five tackles a couple of passes defensed. 30 tackles, eight passes defensed, three forced fumbles and I and T a sack and a fumble recovery. Last season. He was the 94th pick overall, back in 2017, Pittsburgh. Is one of the year and they are hosting Las Vegas on Sunday. That's the CBS game. Cam Sutton is my guest, cam. It's great to have you on. How are you? How are you doing? I'm doing, great, dear. Great to have you So let me ask you first. I know you're coming off a huge win, But can you take me back to before that game? Every game The NFL is big, But when you're on the road against the team that went to the conference championship game, How fired up Were you going into week one. Yeah, definitely energized. Everybody ready to go? You know what I mean? We know we were headed into Gaza environment. I'm going to tell you're going to eat one. Especially with you know, having fans and everyone back into To the stadium. You know, that was a great atmosphere to see. Just kind of having that plate almost that playoff kind of field. Um, but having fans, the Buffalo having fans back again, so it was it was, it was a great sight to see. And, uh, you know, we knew we had to come out here and mess that same energy. You know, we know we can come out here and, uh, And not come out here and compete and and not get after those guys. Yeah, And you know this place for each other. We enjoyed that. And I were able to come out of the wind. Cam Sutton. My guests Can you make your presence felt early on in the first quarter? You had that huge pass. Break up on the flea flicker on third and one. Can you take me through the play? What did you see? How did you sniff out that play? And then how happy were you with the way that turned out? Yeah, It's kind of just got a tempo and kind of job to jump jump through the ball, and it goes forward to get a first down. Uh, you know, initially thinking, you know, that's something that they're kind of No, I think it would inter offensively function something that they do something from time to time. And you know we were expected. We were ready. More ready for the you know down in different scenarios. Ah! You know, Like I said, jumps up in our in our personnel the world already, you know, really on the ball as well. And these kind of came off the ball kind of slow. You know, slow playing to play, and then she burst the burst out of there. You know, coming out of there, you birthday birthday came bursting out of there. And, you know, just kind of just keep my eyes on. You know, just doing a great job, but have my eyes on my key. Everyone, just doing their job, You know, mix. It was kind of On the inside of me, you know, holding that leverage in that space, you know, reading, reacting off of the run our divorce play path, and then you know this is a great job with just finding the bonds next ball..

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