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Thank you so that you'll be using me being dumb because that's really what it was doing but he doesn't want to say that so there you have it I I do try to focus a bit less on politics on on Sunday mornings just because we discuss politics so much less excuse me so much during the week but we're in the midst of a presidential election right now and people were just voting yesterday and I think this Sanders Jagannath is only going to continue to pick up steam out I think there is a great chance that Bernie wins in South Carolina as well as of now Biden is still leading but barely I mean nobody was too surprised the Bernie one in Nevada yesterday what I think some people were surprised by including me is the margin by which she won so he won all seven delegates in Nevada he got forty six point six percent of the vote the staff at the Canada the finished second Jordan Joe Biden nineteen point two percent I mean that is a distant distant second people to judge finished third and Elizabeth Warren finished a fourth so I think it's going to be very interesting I started my brother yesterday because my brother is a Bernie Sanders supporter and I was asking him what he thought the reaction of the Bernie supporters would be if Bernie has the most delegates and then they take the nominal what nomination away from him and give it to somebody else and he said forget about it it's over you know trump trump one it's the election's over and the the Bernie supporters are not going to get behind whoever the DNC happens to back that was his opinion if you're a Bernie supporter I'd love to hear from you if you might disagree eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine twenty my friend al who well who is a regular listener to the show and occasional caller he said it would be fun to talk to John gambling this week and get his opinion of how Bloomberg didn't debate because he is such a Bloomberg supporter and because they did a show together for so long and I did call John gambling this weekend he didn't want to get up early and I can't say that I blame them I think he was doing some running around some traveling and he said that it was not a good night for Bloomberg and he looked he looked bad so even he acknowledged the Bloomberg supporter that he is that it was not a good night for Bloomberg so we'll see the interesting thing about Bloomberg's candidacy though is he has the money to stay in wait past to produce day all the way to the end and what he's done is in some respects made it more likely that burning is going to be the nominee because by staying in he and sucking up so much media attention he is really keeping anybody else in the from the curse centrist wing of the Democratic Party all of it to be honest the centrist wing isn't that centrist he's keeping anybody else from coalescing in becoming the anti Bloomberg Canada so as of now Bloomberg excuse me the entire banking Bloomberg is polling at fifteen percent or more in most states that he's actually leading in Florida and his money and all these entities running can buying him though those poll numbers so regardless of the debate performances and I think I can't imagine going into the debate before South Carolina the Bloomberg is gonna have a similarly bad debate he's going to definitely have a better performance I would think and now expectations are so low for his debate performances that if he does anything resembling sound like a normal human being he will have all these pundits the same buttons that wrote how terribly was last time they'll all be saying how he exceeded expectations so Biden booted judge and clover shark could all be viable alternatives to the Sanders Warren wing of the party but this is they now essentially have to split the vote with Bloomberg so I don't see any way that anybody is going to be Sanders in terms of delegates I am less I'm missing something if even if Biden wins in South Carolina which again I don't see happening even if Biden wins in South Carolina going into super Tuesday you have Bernie the delegate leader winning in New Hampshire getting the most votes in Iowa winning in the vada super Tuesday you figure clover shar wins Minnesota Bernie is leading in Texas Bernie is leading in North Carolina Bloomberg is leading in Florida where it is but I Warren has to drop out at that point I would think should not have the money to continue I I think but he's got a drop out at that point so who's gonna have the money to compete Sanders Bloomberg bridge and then if you have a situation like the Republicans so on twenty sixteen with both K. sick and crews stayed in and they were both campaigning to be the alternative to Donald Trump what happened trump was able keep winning primary after primary with a plurality of the vote I see the same thing happening this time and the DNC is I looked over this absolutely Patrick there are really two wings of leadership in the Democratic Party you have the Obama wing and you have the Clinton way and there's two things that will unite the one is money everybody in the DNC leadership is there because they've either donated a lot of money or they've raised a lot of money the second thing is they both can't stand Bernie Sanders and they are terrified at the notion of a Sanders nomination absolutely terrified I speak with I have a lot of friends who were democratic elected officials and democratic candidates for office and including on Staten Island which in some ways even though it's part New York City is much more representative of the country then the rest of New York City is because it's at least politically it's very purple since you know the south shore's solidly conservative the north shore solidly liberal and the mid island is a little bit of a swing district and my friends on Staten Island there are Democrats looking to run for office this year they are terrified that if Bernie's there are many they're all gonna lose so I'd be curious to hear your thoughts eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine and again you gotta hand it to Bernie would you combinations or what a little bit later in the in the show and I'll let you in on a little spoiler here I'm commending Bernie because he has built this campaign from nothing this was somebody that wasn't even taken seriously for years ago and this is somebody who is too old to run it according to the conventional political wisdom is not backed by millionaires and billionaires this is somebody whose support is totally grassroots at just like with trump in many respects and I guess I can't help but give them credit no I disagree with a lot of the things that he's proposing but some of the things that he that he talks about getting the money out of politics fair trade but ending these foreign wars that we've been involved in forever they're some of the same things that attracted me to president trump now I think it's ridiculous that Bernie Sanders voted against the U. S. MCA which is a terrific trade deal but buy it we'll see what happens which can be easily eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine let me say hello to Gary in in what hello there Gerry go to your group I have a quick increase in money page question when Nancy Pelosi looked up that paperwork that paperwork was secured after the fact at the end of the night it's a great question I I don't know you mean the the torn pieces of paper afterwards yeah I'm saying that right nickel off the bed bound up in the garbage men or any individual and because the individual could gotten older that people yeah you got me it's a great question I have no idea honestly because there is money to be made with that affect how well that would like the building itself and I can't because but I was very curious well if you want to auction it off on eBay guarantee all debts were I was going with that I would be it I tell you I was going to die with them constantly I will go into my wallet on that yeah well I I I'm sure a number of hours would yeah I do I do I don't know I don't know what became of it and that trust me if there's money to be made in Washington there's somebody that's figured out a way to make it but it's a great point thanks Gerry thank you live cricket eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine I'd love to hear your thoughts your calls on the presidential race and where we go from here a little bit later Ron we're gonna talk with Greg Orman who is one of the leading political independence in the whole country and in the six o'clock hour my friend Richard Stratton is going to be here he's got a new book out this is the third in his trilogy of memoirs and I you know I'm a big Richard Stratton fan he's been a guest on the show many times for my money he is one of the best writers in the world and he's done it again with this memoir this is the last in this trilogy it's phenomenal it's absolutely phenomenal it's called let's go in the world going from the big house to Hollywood and we're going to talk about his transition from being in prison to being a involved in motion pictures and television so I'm looking for that conversation and really looking for hearing from you eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine and we are on Twitter as well at Frank M. O. R. A. N. O. let's break in the war and now returns in.

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