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We were something a little bit difficult. Tribe top connections And we have now moved to try talk we feel like it's edgier and look cleaner But we are the tribe. We are jews we are. We are people who had heritage so to me. We tell our stories through who we are as who you know. The origins of the people hood the chosen people. And so i think part of that really comes very naturally to who we are and to me. It felt like people want to hear our stories. And when i get together with folks. Whether it's my father-in-law ninety two and wanna hear about the work in the world that he lived in and still lives in terms of fights that he continues to have as a up stander. I'll leave it there. I do feel like it's about stories. People want to hear the stories. On what i think makes us uniquely Different is that we have on our website stories and scenarios of what college students shared when they been confronted with a challenge and they've been very vulnerable and very open and very authentic about what they knew or they didn't know what they wish they knew. And how they unpack these stories for our audience and it's really quite extraordinary. We originally talked about this organization as being four high school students by college students. There's probably a better way to say that we thought about having this be a initiative that really highlighted the voice of the college student for the high school students. One of the dimensions of our website is really hearing individuals students stories and we want us want track. Talk to be a neutral entrusted source of content. We don't want take a position. We want to offer opportunities for the students themselves to hear from others and learn about what's important to them through the lens of their peers and i think tried talk is really fitting for that type of conversation. In fact our next webinar is going to be a student only webinar. That is going to be colleague current college students..

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