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Out? I've got to call an audible here, and we're going to go straight to the interview. So make sure that we have time to get it all in. We'll see how much time we have left for some news and the rest before telling you about Roger Wang. I don't with pleasure that type set in the future. That is the Dave Atty book that we talked about last week. You got a shout out from Kevin Kelly who was a founder of wired magazine, and he has his Email list recommend. Oh. And he wrote I'm spending hours studying this coffee table book, celebrating the typography and design used in science fiction movies. What do we see on screens in the future? More broadly, this dense picture book types, at in the future is a roundabout way to examine where the interface design of technology is headed so that odd book that we had a great conversation about last week is getting some notice of and Kevin Kelly somebody I really admire rehab. See that in recommend. Oh this week. We're talking with Roger Wang. I've been trying to connect with him to talk about Mobis cry because it was coming up with its debut. Indigo that's like a kick starter place where they're raising money to help get the product launched. It's an intriguing looking product. It's e ink you can write on it with a stylus. And I when I was sending out emails and messages, I Finally I found a phone number, and I called Roger I got him in at the company headquarters in San Jose. And I think he was I said I just wanted to an interview with you before we get to the indigo launch tomorrow. And he said, well, let me kind of get ready, and I sent him some questions that we talked the night before young man whose product manager for Moby scribe as part of team you see really enjoyed talking to him about this project. I I wished I had asked him what? Could a background. He has has landed him in this. Maybe he's fresh out of Stanford or something and he's got quite a quite a product checking. Now, I see that there are still some of those hundred fifty left they've sold one hundred twenty three out of a hundred fifty four that one ninety nine early bird package of case and extra stylus and the reader and they have passed their goal of raising three thousand dollars. They've raised fifty eight thousand two hundred and fifty one dollars in the fifty eight days left. So this has generated quite a bit of interest. You'll hear Roger couple times suggests that if you want the early bird price after the hundred and fifty do sell to send him an Email. And if you want information about how to get the kindle app onto this reader what I would suggest is send me an Email and say that you'd like to things that he's offering to take care of. And I will Ford it to him. I I want to do that set of putting his Email out publicly. But I'm sure he'll be able to help you out if. I wanna follow up on those offers that he makes the interview when I connected with Roger on Wednesday night. I began by asking what exactly bogies -cribe will be able to do basically going to be like a kindle that. You can write on like if you've ever had your kindle, perhaps you've had a work documents on the kindle must be frustrating. Because if you're like, you can't right on your work documents. Even though you have it in a meeting. So now we have like tedious annotation integrated into the device as well. As a separate not taking software ended device. Oh, you can take notes or draw graphs or all sorts of things based on our template. We have like background templates for the mother sky. And yeah, so you can basically use it as multifunctional notebook, and hopefully people won't ever need to kill a bunch of trees to take their notes anymore. Well, let's talk about the pen in sort of prototype. Video that I watched. You can vary. The width of the pen and a, but it doesn't take a battery. What can you tell me about the technology that enables you to take notes with this pen, basically just pick wits setting out of the the lunch provided? I believe at the time of that there were three with sightings might be more now and on yet that is your default setting. And you use that to right. It's it's basically like as if you're like picking pens out of like a pencil bag or something right on the side. There is no better. There's no battery onto stylus it's which is nice because you wouldn't want to like change that all the time and in order to erase you just simply flip it over. And I believe there's like a magnet or some sort of interaction that allows it that detect where you're racing, and it's very intuitive. It's like using a a pencil, and then you can also. So you think though in the final version will be some undo options along the top. Oh, yeah. No. No. That's that's that's definitely there you can undo and redo stroke buysc Roque, you're writing which is something that you can't do actually in pencil now if I have a an e book than I reading say, it doesn't have digital rights management on it. I bought it from kindle or somewhere else. I do I have to convert it to an e pub file or how can I read an e book on this device? I believe the vast majority of e book formats are supported unlike don't require any converting there should be a reader that is able to read both EPA vows as well as I believe the other popular one used by kindle, loosed, Moby fine. Yes. If I'm reading a book and either of those formats, can I make annotations on it. With the pen the way you described you can do with a PDF unfortunate. N discourage ration- of the software that is not possible. Actually, I there's a lot of the nagging that actually happens with e pub and mobiles and make them kind of innately difficult to annotate in that, you know, how you can change the size and like re move the Texans such the problem with that is when there's an annotation written like that kind of texts can't be resized along with the existing. So, unfortunately, pob and Moby fouls cannot be annotated. But of course, those fouls can be converted to PDF, which can be anted. Yeah. That makes sense because you would have that problem. If you increase the size of the font might mess up whatever annotations you had made well looking at a smaller funt. Yeah. How come you can rest your palm on the screen while you're writing and not have your palm mak-, Mark? I believe that is because of the holiday way com stylish on the way com screen works. That's how that that interaction on way com. What does way come way com there? I they are the foremost producer of these kinds of screens and stylus like basically industries industry leaders in terms of producing these kinds of screens that are precision and pressure, sensitive and more most importantly, actually for our purposes

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