Civil Rights, South African, Otis Redding discussed on BBC World Service


She hit incredible fire mira is a south african soul singer steeped in the music of a wreath of franklin there was something freeing and by the way she sang her vocal ability and her expression was bursting with energy and she could be sexy she could be by sting she could be fined be soulful i loved it per struggles were relationship troubles her joys her sadness her heartbreak her feistiness she made it feel good and empowering to be a woman one added to his second single on atlantic aretha chairs to cover soul singer otis redding song respect except rather than cover it she completely transformed it upping the ante changing the writers voice from male to female not asking for respect but downright demanding it it will become a signature cheer later taking on new meaning the coming a civil rights and feminist anthem man if a read this gonna sing a song or if she was going to cover as dong in heads to be stumped and that was a timeless moral message of positive he i still feel that today as we live in this world with so many changes in so many people asking what's going on in politics and what's going on with this than that it boils down to one single thing respect if we could adversely affect each other then we can grow as humans of wine so i feel like she infused the song with all of it.

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