Texas, Donald Trump, Hurricane discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Great job federal government great chop donald trump great job people of texas great job greg abbott governor of texas or because the people of texas conservative and selfreliant and they don't want to give them credit your wasn't the mess but it would have been an any other state and don't forget the people that were rescuing all those people t tv and i call them that you know that texas army they were why or what can conservative bluecollar guys at first responders spending reached out to you if you what black they reach out to viewers fabric they didn't tear they rescued you regardless of your color your race your religion trust me what i tell you they stayed and there will boats to a moslem mosque if people are screaming for help and they too the entire media inactive republicans who voted for trump at war in the south were rednecks are a bunch of nazis and white supremacy to take it was all too few stupid people blameless toothless i call them march like idiots with you know with white and and nobody can make a case that anything to do with sixty three million people voted for donald trump and i think hurricane it harvey proved what's it saw that we have great people or purse so for live personal responsibility we got the job in texas kuwait job as bad as it is tragic because it is to respond has been excellent has been professional has been organized and you know what liberals love the federal government is what i could praised the federal government should not feel about trump prepositioned supplies and fiba employees two days before rv too much worse they hit the ground wedding shop donald trump well the twelve years ago heard hurricane katrina struck new orleans a democratic gone claes residents would not leave they were not selfreliant they screen hollerin' shout at once the new orleans superdome trash the plays rates robberies looting was rampant and as soon as that occurred the democrat khmer reagan nagin and the democratic governor kathleen blanco which describes mental outlook blanco quickly blamed george w bush it was all bush is in the media jumped on with both feet.

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