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You know, when I when I first started sport, you know, people who say well was bellies are, you know, athletes, and they'll say like what his arms are long. And then they then they would say well why he poked the guy in the is. So maybe that's why to he's kicking the guy on the knees. You know, that's that's what he's doing. There's always gonna be excuses. And and unfortunately, you know, the situation my last situation detail, it's all Pika ground mess. You know, if given my daughter's a legitimate excuse, but but. And then what's for me? It's for me, Steven A, and you just can't stop glass blesses. You just can't stop him. Courtroom. John. I got a question. We'll talk the John Paul Jones UFC light heavyweight champion of the world. He's right here with Steven A on ESPN radio and ESPN is. I gotta ask you this question. What a hell you fighting somebody with thirteen losses. I mean, I know Anthony Smith can find a little bit. But why is a guy with thirteen losses getting into octagon, which you? Well. You know as a game gotta take on challenges and every man is of this share. And and and to me. Everyone's worthy. Now, you know, everyone has their challenge, then everyone has value and their worth, and you know, and and then the day, you know, tell one of his career has been it's been a nice morning. You know, he's he's really coming into lose. All he's become a great fighter. And you know, my job is not to be a dream crusher. You know, I'm just just so much bigger from each of these. So am I is you upon in a great great story. And there was no face. You know, there was no records to me. It's just it's just you know, I didn't see victory for us to come. So. But you know in order to be great. You gotta take them all and that's what I'm doing. We're talking to John bone Jones right here with Steven and Steven it's been ESPN radio. ESPN news. Are you ever going to fight? Dan, you call me again. You know, I've always said that is that it's not personal for me. I'm just saying it's not personal for me. I'm doing all day apartment. It's a blessing. Every time. I hear people call him the greatest of all time that you know, who I am. And and Daniel wants to redeem yourself you come down to live we division. I've never challenged anyway. And when I do decide to challenge headway, it'll be the perfect scenario for me, whether it's financial or stylistic, and you know, then, you know, it's kids ended today that he's not gonna chant. What are we asked? And that. I'm sorry. Go ahead. I'm sorry. Go ahead and pilot. I apologize for interrupting go ahead. No when they're old enough that it got he wasn't a real champion and my era, and that's all that really matters. But don't you think that's the fight that people really really want to see because they clearly appears to be genuine disdain that you guys have for each other at the very least he appears to have for you. I'm doing Oregon state, call me. And like I said financial the US wants to give the fans where they want happy. Okay. John Paul Jones right here with Steven ESPN radio. ESPN news last question. I'm thinking about you as the light heavyweight champion you talked about how you've never challenged a heavyweight..

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