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Get it today and get excel four one one dot com. This is the most recent episode of Free Talk Live presented by Seiko Ca. I get interactive at Free Talk Live Dot Com. Free Talk Live. Call in. Talk about whatever's on your mind mind mark with you Jay. The number eight five five four five zero three seven three three. It's fifty five four fifty free. I want to tell you about the program at amp dot freetalklive dot com. And I wanNA thank Joe Morocco. Who is a very longtime amplifier? He's a platinum an amplifier and That's twenty five dollars a month. We ask five dollars a month and we appreciate anybody like Joe who goes ahead and does twenty-five. I've met Ed Job Multiple Times personally. And that's one of the one of the little binny's of the program that you never really hear about is. Is that pretty much you come to town. We'll we'll hang out with you so go check it out. Amp Dot freetalklive dot com. If you want a radio program that continues to make it so that the people can call in and share their opinions no matter what they are here on the airwaves. If you WANNA radio program that stands for liberty every issue every time freetalklive for you speaking of Liberty one point..

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