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Many people just being very very isolated. How do you think coming out of this at least here in the united states as as things open up. Is this sort of term that people use even though the pandemic's not over how do you think community is going to continue. Because you're part of a faith community you also have these conversations both specific to women in from our feminist perspective on speaking in church as well as on making spaces communities involved in both of those right Do you think we'll we'll be back meeting in person. Do you think we'll continue to make these sort of virtual connections. I've been able to get to know you over the last few months. And i'm a here in the mid west year and in orange county. I hope truly. I don't know how it's gonna turn out rightly. Does i hope that people continue to value people that are far away. I think that's been one of the weird. And i don't like calling it a blessing but that's one of the blessings of covid is people realize that the world is both large and small that you can interact with people in this country or the next country because the people who think that code is a hoax are very american centric and forget that the rest of the world exists and i mean with the power of social media and all of that stuff i think community online community is going to continue and i think they will go back to go back in person and hanging on each other's backyards and eating and stuff but personally for me it's completely changed. I as somebody who has to come to terms with the fact that She's disabled. i don't like using that word to describe yourself but it's fine I've been very hurt by all the people in the world who decided that my life did not matter during the pandemic who decided that wearing a mask was too big of an inconvenience for them to protect the lives of those of us who are in greater danger to diseases like covid. And it's very hard for me. As forgiving as i am as a person even though i don't always sound jiffy. It's very hard for me to forgive people who i saw on the internet. Talk about how this is. All a hoax wasn't a big deal. And the only people who are gonna die or the week and i thought i can guarantee that i am stronger than all. Yeah i may not be physically stronger than all of you but a greater resolve. I'm passion and i'm whatever right so does my life matter less. Because i'm just a little bit frail because i'm a little bit of a granny that's not fair There's going to to be a lot of forgiving in community coming out of this pandemic. i think there's going to have to be a lot of reconciling especially with families. I mean everybody talks about like going thanksgiving talking in politics right now. It's gonna be all year round. It's going to be every instance and yeah. I mean it's just i feel like there's gonna be a lot of forgiving coming out of this. Yeah that's not an easy type of forgiveness right. It's not that seventy times. Seven thing from some guy said yeah woman. How do you forgive somebody who set up. Who said like straight up. You could die. That's fine the rest of us. Don't want to wear mask right. yeah. I mean it. It was the callousness that is one of the major things that we sort of saw with. Through the entire trump era people are just more blatant about their prejudices because they felt like to to be that way because our president was shit piece..

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