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This early traffic is moving. Well, I for I 75 to 75 traffic is moving without any major delays. We do have a couple of accidents. One stem, radiant in accident US three or one at First Avenue. Then all the way up in Pasco. There's an accident on a Collier Parkway at State Road. 54 remember it's wet outside, so watch your speed and be safe. John Thomas NEWS RADIO W F L A A 70% chance of downpours throughout the day today with highs it's 77 72 degrees that news radio wofl A AH Pinellas County woman was arrested for attacking an uber driver. Cell phone video allegedly shows 55 year old Michelle still well, grabbing the neck of the driver from the back seat. His channel is Justin Checker has more as the driver tried to call 911. Stillwell smacked the phone out of the victim's hand, and she continued to bite scratch and strangle him by the throat. According to the arrest reports, deputies indicated they believe Stilwell was intoxicated. Witness video last for more than 2.5 minutes before the driver is able to break free and get out of the car witnesses who saw what happened came to the driver's rescue, helping to pull still well off of him. She was released on $15,000 bond. The second person struck at the ST Petersburg intersection has died making two deaths that that location in 10 days 61 year old Robert, Sir print it and his wife, 61 year old Darlene, Sir, pregnant were hit while crossing Central Avenue and 21st Street downtown on April 9th. Alonso Fernandez, with the police department says drivers have to be more careful whenever you're driving in downtown ST Petersburg. You have to really pay attention to the pedestrians, the scooters, the bike riders do you have to pay attention to? Yeah, you might have the right of way if you're in the crosswalk, but you also have to be aware that Not everyone may see you. Investigators don't believe the driver was impaired. Both pedestrians and businesses nearby say the intersection is notorious for being dangerous. Thinking their jobs were safe. After Hillsborough School District cut 1000 jobs last month, almost 100 Morrell jah caters were told over the weekend. They, too, will no longer have a job next year. Stacy Emory and her husband, who is also a teacher. Both received the email from the district on Friday. She tells news Channel eight. It was upsetting the way the news was delivered. I got this email that just says Dear Hillsborough County educator. It doesn't even say my name, and that's not signed by anyone. I mean, I panicked. My first thought was. What are we gonna do this? It's both of us. Memories. Husband's job was recovered because of resignations, and the school district says they expect more positions to re be recovered as well. But educators left waiting say there may not be other resignations on the way. Eight people are facing charges in Sarasota County for allegedly submitting fraudulent applications for Corona virus really funds, the sheriff's office says Local tax preparation firm S R Q financial solution submitted more than 100 applications for care, Zach money using suspicious profit and loss statements and fake bank statements, investigators identified more than $319,000 that had been released as a result of the applications. And while some were legitimate, most were fraudulent. Detectives estimate they stopped another $4 million. Learns from being paid out. RICO SHELL NEWS Radio w F L A first timers are welcome again that the state's four FEMA supported Cove in 19, mass. Vaccination sites with the Johnson and Johnson one and done vaccine. On pause, The federal government has been able to up its five year supply at Miami Dade College North and the other hub sites in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. We will be having at least at least 3000 First dose. Fizer Vaccines available everyday Sights spokesperson might, Jackal says That means Thies hub sites, which were originally designed for eight week runs will now be opened through the end of May. Mark Rodriguez Miami Pascoe deputies have arrested a man they say was stealing parts from boats he was hired to fix and putting them in other people's boats. Worse yet, Sheriff Chris Narco says he was putting in car parts that could lead to a fire. It could be endangering the lives of those individuals and her family's being on the water. Going full speed, thinking that their boat is safe. Taco, says 43 year old Scott Sands had as many as 60.

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