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We have the Dobbs tire and auto center intermission report will recap the second period. We'll take you back to December of ninety six. Tony twist has a great comment about leadership. But now we gotta toss things back over to Chris Kerber faster than I toss a hot potato at children's birthday party girl whenever you ever tossed hot potato in a children's birthday parties. Never played hop potato that game. Game is game gives me. All okay. The game. I thought you're talking about out. Potato bowl holds heat better than a potato is. In fact. It's got to be. I bet you it's got to be back gets cold in a real hurry potatoes will hold the heat asparagus gets cold quickly to absolutely. I know you love your raw Khali fire. You don't need heat that up. Nope. I'll eat that Panthers. Power play blues in a box tried to play with too many guys on the is that's against the rules. Here's Hoffman back. The hash marks in the blues trail one nothing Panthers powerplays lethal, they shoot it puck complex office scape. Florida power play for best in the National Hockey League. They turned it over and Bo's ex going to get the bucket working in. Here's the other thing about their power play. They've given up seven shorthanded goals a lot those X pins into the corner with it tried to center, and that's block the part goes over to the far wing. We'll go to roll it in. Poplar trying to slap it around gets it up to the line. Nice play by handle the hold it in those exited zone. The puck stayed in. Here's uber. Toe up to the blue line now Yandell over to the far side to keep top of the circle the Uber. No miss the shot which chance back the Hoover dough on the way over to the far point Panthers. Have the park that's controlled by Hoffman for the Endo the Hubert. Oh, top of the far circle. Yondo straightaway. Looking into traffic and that shot the flex to the near corner. Hoffman smokes it in front best. Everybody goes to the far wall Buber dole pressure. He's able to keep it alive. They get it over into the slot and a shot blocked there by Butler took one need. Good clear from the knee dad holds it in Yondo. Hoffman an entire blues group. Here's a shot blocked down in wide lose ever been able to change twenty four to go in the power play. Dad? Hold it in for the Panthers over to the bar way. Uber toe with a shot blocked down controlled by Barkov Barkov to the blue line Yandell rips. It save is made Allen gets to the post to make that other blocking a black and it's Hoffman strain away Panthers. In math. Listen to drive at the outside part of the post two seconds to go Panthers. Looking goal line behind the net. Hoover. Dole were back at even strength that unit. Stayed out the whole two minutes. Bark that the goal line for Hoover. Hoover Doda Barkat shot on Allen to save rebound. Put into the corner Butler rinse it around and here's David Brian. You'll get the red line. He's got the blue line. He sends it in deep and oh my goodness. Get the oxygen hose for those penalty killers. Here's Baronne going in behind the net. Trying to pass it on. Over to Schwartz it's blocked and now the puck to the near side hunt. Taken to the wall and Schwartz. Got back to the blue the blue lights works the done shooting. Then that one put on goal, and it stuck on to the stick of Longo. Velvet ball on velcro fifty eight to go in the second period and the Louis still trail one nothing. That's a huge kill. You are on topic. Chris cornell's an incredible kill.

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