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Another month. Thanks. That way. Yeah. I'm a gentleman. Thank you guys. Tony Jordan San If I should get the morning traffic, Tony, what's going on? Well, another problematic to your drive on the 10 Freeway. This is westbound side just past the 1 10, and they're saying it's a fender bender that's blocking the left lane. So traffic slowing down just before the 1 10. It'll stay busy up ahead all the way out towards national if you see anything else along the way, always let me know about it on the traffic tip line, pounded to 50 on your cell phone. Key word. So Cal Traffic light downside of the 1 10 slows from slashing over towards the 10 freeway. Speaking of the 10 in Baldwin Park West Bounce, I just hope we get to Francis kiddo. There's an accent. They're taking away the carpool lanes who are seeing delays at Vincent, but looks good up ahead in El Monte and on the South bound side of the 65 freeway. Just before you get to telegraph Freeway seven Control is running a traffic break. So they get stalled truck. Adam Miller room middle of the freeway traffic. It is kind of sluggish there at Whittier Boulevard, but in good pass that is making me over towards the 91 into sory does. The traffic report sponsored by the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. It's your employer's job to protect you from from workplace hazards. If your employer is not keeping you safe from Kobe 19 at work, you have the right to file a complaint. Know your rights visit D i r dot see a doctor of forward slash Cove. It After traffic. I'm Tony Jordan with Valentine in the morning and waited for three. My FM. Any credit card can offer cash back, but only discover matches all the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year. It's like getting one of those birthday cards that shaped like cash. So you already know there's cash inside before opening it, But in this case, it's stuffed with your first.

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