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I think there's a term Ham handed. Yes. Ham handed. That's like you have hams for hands. That's what Amara Jones used during our live Tuesday show to talk about voter suppression sites. So just an update anymo- name mentioned the case. Yes. What happens on Navajo nation members in Arizona will not have extra time to cast mail in ballots after an appeals court rejected their case there's only eleven days between the male in application deadline and the election but the complaint said, it would take ten days for male reach the county offices from the reservation. So that case that Jenny was talking about throw Nazi update and Debbie Downer. Wow. Yeah not good. So if you can vote please. Do His all insane and talk to people. However it is that you communicate with people be asking them. How was your experience of voting? What are you thinking about like do this part of what? Democracy looks like so do that for your weekend and that's it I Medina I'm. GonNa. Go Mark Your calendars for election day. 'cause we're going to be back doing alive all evening. We will start six PM Eastern, which means three PM for California drinking. Time you're going to be able to just have us on your little. Whatever device is you're walking around the entire election evening we're going to be in your. Yes there's an RSVP. Link to can have it added to your calendar Bit Dot. Li. Slash Itt live election. And also make sure to follow us on social media. So you can see all the details including our lineup of guests talking now we have. Holly in the margins but listen you WANNA start on time because one of our favorite comedians on the entire world is opening the show with. Exclusive exclusive standup Mohannad el-sheikhi is going to do stand up for damn. We love behind my God Yup. So funny I can't wait a minute popcorn. You'RE GONNA. Have Tequila. Anyway remember Apple podcasts to rate and review us. It really helps also remember you can listen to in the on spotify wherever you get your podcast. Check us out on the web at in the DOT or follow us on twitter and on instagram and in the thick show like us on facebook and tell your friends and family to listen in the thickest produced by Nicole Rothwell nor Saudi, and our New York women's foundation ignite fellow Harsha with editorial support from Eric and day by the way congratulations team be.

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