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By the time we get back. Some of us like to crash into the hotel. Some pizza always go out for a quick bite and so we close out saturday on sunday. We're back to our morning routine and we're only doing two tank morning. Excursion in years past some of our divers opted to also do a sunday afternoon dive. Donna and i normally headed back on sundays after the morning. Dives and got our gear cleaned up and dried out this year. We'll all be going back to where we've arranged for a mobile cova test service to come out and get us also All set for a trip back home our last night on nassau spended orange hill after dinner prepared by the orange hill team we take a few steps to the bar and we have a little farewell party with our dive. Staff from stuart cove again. Not exactly sure how. It's gonna work out this year but hopefully many of us will be fully vaccinated by memorial day this year and we will definitely follow. All the guidelines presented by the bahamas memorial day's are traveled back to the. Us after breakfast. Were all packed up and head over to the airport for our late morning or early afternoon. Flights out as you can tell pretty excited about going on this trip again. It's been a long time. Since we've been down nassau and got to dive with stuart cove hoping that more and more of these resorts open up the caymans and things like that because we really need to be out there traveling and diving and hopefully you're next. I will be some place pretty cool as well. Well that wraps up things for today as we close out february two thousand and twenty one. Hope you enjoyed the show and especially the new segment wet notes. I'll be back again in a couple of weeks with another episode of scooby shock. Radio in the meantime please stay safe. Everyone and if you can get out there get out there and dive..

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