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Oh well who cares we you know what i have to say to you bill fox yet fucked up you made a shitty building i sought last show i saw there was my buddy valentine which was fined because they're so loud it worked but it now and i refuse as he shows there he ripped really rotarians pleaded the regency born that's a pretty big place for maybe i think not at first album a and transfers bigger that i would have expected to other expected like something like johnny brendan's which is a smaller vanu but i think a probably seem with resume ballroom they get all different size acts there in depending on the night although as a saturday night that is a big place for their yeah um which did you say johnny brenda us what yeah that's a like a really small venue in philly it's a fun place as named after shannon's dirty character on china to ah wiping singer and actor was named after her the barca's that was the merson's mateen 2003 tell oh so yeah that was back it was probably just a bunch of drunk irishman singing their drunk irishman songs back then noone i yeah manabu manhattan transfer from ireland york city uh my neck's pick is beaches there are a lot of bands with beach in their name and i tend to get the mixed up by set hawaii this is way with another one i forget all of them no they're speech fossils there's a shit did you drop out again nope okay uh yeah i don't know a lot of beach beach slang.

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