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Make meaningful decisions about your health and the health of your family. Yeah, no I agree. And and the PSA is on point and and we need one cannot be hampered by having more information, dr. Miller said earlier people you have a right to make your decision but you also to make the most informed decision that you can, that's the point home. You mentioned, the derf, the lack of African Americans in some of these clinical trials. Now, when there was the first conversation about the covid-19 scenes, there was a lot of debate about whether Americans should even participate in those types of things. For a lot of the reasons, we discuss the, you know, the, the fear the paranoia, which is not unfounded at all. But when it comes out, To these types of Trials. I guess you would say to we should make in informed decisions. Correct. Absolutely. Getting a trial with it often don't understand is a most of the Strauss, especially those, where you have life-threatening situations. It's not that you don't get any drug. Use has that the judging, or the new medications, but I think that most of these trials have to have what you've got an IRB. That means, they have to have a group of people who looked at the Quality and ethics officer and have been through three or four states. Miss developments, tried animals and, you know, tried and they're sick people, then trial starts. So it's not that you get a drug and you can walk by the time it's tried on people, you know, three or four different steps to get to the point where you think it's acceptable wage. Which I think I think the other piece you have to remember that there are still drugs to get out there and all of a sudden you look up and find that a lot of people having problems with them or not anticipated by the stud. So I'm not saying that this is the street. I'm simply saying that the several levels before they invite you into a front of a truck. The thing that I have objections to the many instances is so often that we studied more than we're treated. I mean, in some communities, we get all these drugs and we get all of the few people, measure, the blood pressure and pick you up and take, you think you call wrong when you try again? And then, when the study is over, they leave the community and they leave no resources and sources and they changed. And they do you explain the results month. But I do think that this type of jobs are much better control. Now I had I haven't done studies and I'm here at home mom on this answer, but haven't been studies on race race based off. On drugs for asthma, which is my specialty of Americans, do respond to certain drugs, and African Americans have different malfunctions in this whole lot of difference. Just that need to be taken into consideration before releasing Israel. More MIP after this message. Folks me invite you to go to a wellness project. O r g and that's this project. O r g to find out more. Now listen am now on your your favorite radio stations as you heard it here for some of these psa's you're going to be putting this on on black radio stations around. Take it off, really focusing. It's going to 2200 TV stations or ten thousand radio stations and came on relationship that I had one. I had a syndication how many years ago and I'm happy with the population. They're giving us about fifty to seventy-five thousand dollars worth of distribution resources and so consequently, we're not going to stop with these four and we hope to develop enough relationships with the black community and radio stations that they will pick up the things that we do. We do health care of the day off. The news, you know, and generally, those listed on our website, but we're going to continue this campaign because you as an experience Communicator number, can, you can sit there and talk to him fifty thousand million thousand African Americans? And you can sit there all day long and I like music, I like, I just saw, this is a hotel. Last eight months so trained as the, I mean, I like music. But if you look around in the, after the, after market, there are almost no information about any aspect of our communities. And if, if people are listening to the same stations, generally every day, there's no Health going out there. A messages is no, nobody telling you what's out of the latest information in your and you wake up online and find out you were at risk with this at all. We always try to change the universe facts. A very small window and very small sphere of influence, but we hope other people will appreciate the need to integrate. Health is all information sources going out to the blacklivesmatter, black Health matters. Dr. Michael Lenoir. Again folks a, a a wellness You gotta take better care of our health. I mean, one of the things about that would be remiss if you didn't acknowledge. So that even in all of this month about people who have access to health health care, there's still a lot of our people don't have access and we're still fighting a political party. One at least one political party but that is still trying to prevent access to healthcare. So that's so it. That's the challenge on the one hand, it's bad enough that people procrastinate and afraid to go and a lot of us off Especially you don't want to get into if you don't want to deal with find out the truth and compound that with the fact that there's no access or no health care. So you got that double excuse me, boss is no good either, take some responsibility for our own actions. That's one thing I think too. Often people are afraid. They don't know. They don't, they don't have that and they don't, they don't insist that. We use our own resources and take charge of our own health. And so that's one of the messages that we give to all people and send you, the black people, they charged, charged a charge off. Dr. Michael Lenoir. Pleasure to meet your brother. Thank you for this work. You're doing folks a a wellness This will not be the last one here in dr. And we're going to keep them around as well by expert guests when it comes to these matters. And of course there's a lot more to discuss is these days and weeks will go by when it comes to its covid-19 the flu vaccine. But I want to, I took my flu shot, I don't do it every single. You haven't do a little bit better, but I took it without even considering the doctor lawyer said. So I'm glad I took it now so that there'll be no confusion about wage or not. And I keep saying, we gotta go to one of the thing. There are some people who take the flu shot, doctor more and get sick. Anyway, like, right after they get shot. What do you what do you think.

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