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I might say that this guy wasn't good but i'm not gonna say it on the reporter or there were times am be straight with you. I will say things in the locker room. Uh hey y'all know that's off the record writing okay. Nobody burns you know okay. Gotta live because you are to act. I will give you enough stuff on the record rack. You don't have to worry about anything off the ring but but i don't get skilled you you and i both know there comes a certain point in time in your life where you elevate skip as you elevate. You can't beat that fame person. In the has baker baker baker could be baker when he was in high school oh he would in college but as you start to elevate its prominence calm. You want to be that famed rainbow man. Okay i agree with your big picture premise but once you say it just your baker met you gotta own that stand up to it yup. I said that you could say i regret it. I i was a little too harsh. You could have said you could even say. I didn't know he was going to quote me on that but i did say that and i hope the kid does well but but i doubt how do you want to say it. We got in in two thousand nine super bowl run. We were saying things about the tennessee titans about jeff fisher about the football team at every quote that we said they will play the video board and we didn't they miss the playoffs in the playoff games. Give me when i was there. I say whatever they say. We said we're gonna do it. Okay nothing ultimately then. I love baker guys. You know how i feel about him but when he he says in this that reporters media will do anything to come up with a click bait story you take that personal because it's in your career as reporter writer journalist. You don't risk that risk that you're not going to misquote so when you're not gonna misquote baker mayfield's at that moment it's just too risky. Your career is over so i think it's hard hard because we all are trying to do our job and you're just not going to risk. Give you seen it before him. Do they wrote their bat. Don't talk you don't back you. Don't worry traveled quit. You're done your career so baker mayfield wrote on instagram yesterday. This is not not what i said okay. We'll somebody's lying right only ask you ain't no miss misspeaking the truth. There's no komo fabric stretching it. Somebody is lying and the thing is still mugabe's. Say all the time boy say boy. You don't ever have to remember a lot. I mean the truth. You always have the because the lies because you gotta keep okay. What now what did i tell you. What did i tell jamie yeah. If if you tell the truth the truth is lines. Everytime okay in my takeaway from this yesterday was baker. Did tell the truth. I mean i agree with his ed rendell. A lot of analysts says the man that was a stretch six. We believe you could got the guy in the teams..

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