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Yes. That to me is a little bit absurd. Honestly it's mutes entirely absurd. Yes travis barker does not need the kardashians i mean. He is blink. One eighty two is like one of the most well known bands. He's a very well respected musician in his own right. It's a different kind of fame that honestly. I don't even know if most people would want unless you were madly in love and by the way if you wanted to capitalize on the kardashians for their fame. You could've done a while ago yet. no. I don't. I don't feel that way at all but i do understand how i do understand. How people could end up drawing that conclusion. Not just with travis but with the entire family there obviously is an element of the kids. That really look up to the kardashians. not just courtney. I know that alabama's posted about kylie and kendall before like there is definitely a dynamic there where they still view them as Not just their family friends or not. Just courtney's boyfriend's family but as definitely celebrities in their lives which creates for an interesting dynamic. But i don't think by any means that creates for dynamic where they're in it for the exploitation of the crashes by any means. I think that this is just been the natural progression of very close relationship in a very close family friends that have now progressed to a relationship. And it's obviously going to be new for the kids who have maybe grown up. Yes courtney's the family friend but her extended family or her family that we also really look up to admire have baby. We haven't always been so close to so. It's a switch and dynamic from like courtney's family and the coolness of that's according to families now family For sure honestly. If i was travis i would be insulted by that narrative i would one hundred percent to also something i have to say on a completely different subject than travis and the ashton. Something i've noticed about travis especially recently that i really admire about him in really like is that it seems like every up and comer in terms of music. People were trying to make for themselves. These tiktokers jaded nessa Other people who are just performing and during the rocks base it feels like travis has his hand on all of that and is really involved in elevating pupils to the next level or mentoring them in their craft. I've just keep seeing that over. And over again and him popping up in places that i don't expect him and i really really appreciate that facts about him because you can see. He's just a very caring person that is trying to elevate the people in his life. If that makes sense no it is. It is clear. I mean some of the way that you know. Even some of the tiktokers have spoken about working with him and that experience and i was really taken them under his wing and listen. I get it. There's also an element that their up and coming so it's mutually beneficial. Not like he's getting nothing out of it clearly. He's getting a whole new audience in a way but it. It is definitely clear that that is kind of his style. Not only his work ethic but also just like his humanity and how he cares for people. And i don't know i i the whole shannon thing i just she just doesn't really rub me the right way from being honest. No of course not in. Especially when you hear you know. It's one thing to look at her as a celebrity or figure and be rubbed the wrong way by her in the way she acts in the way she presents herself on social media kind of the pettiness of all of it. It's really another thing to viewers through the eyes of her own children when her children are saying things about her. Because that gives you a whole other different bad taste in your mouth for an and also it's one thing for the kids to share their experience with their mom. I mean they're exp- expressive. Teenagers were being accused of something. And kind of firing back. But the way that shannon's talking about it. You don't see travis doing that. No of course not these. I don't think travis would ever put his kids in that kind of a play or the need to right because then automatically your publicly putting your kids in a situation. that is only fueling. What is already happening to them. When it comes to the media and people's kind reactors and situation just a very unfair thing to do comes across to me as very selfish. Yeah i totally agree with you but again. I'm sure we'll find out more in or we won't but interesting stuff anything else you want to mention. I think that's good. Okay i think so too. We love you guys so much. Julian i will see you on thursday for kardashians is on. I will see on friday for bravo. And like i said we will be for every show for the rest of this month putting three on businesses. New description. Love you guys..

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