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You know, I'm a mood guy too. But I'm a little more mental with my Porsche it and I go through phases of like, I shouldn't be watching this. In one right now before my first phase was like after some documentaries and shit where I'm seeing like all these girls saying how much they don't like it, and they have to do it force this shit. Fuck I gotta stop contributing to for the rugged laughing at that. I'm laughing at him feeling guilty after. Because I used to watch a lot dinner like all right? Well, I just won't watch the palace Chit meshing offense. Because for me, it was twofold, like one is like damn contributing to fucked up shit right now, I don't know her stores. She might just want to do it or she might be ship. And then to I'm like. Shania Mahorn she pay for that. Stays going on. So I turned the amateur shit this shit. Use Tomba do what a cellphone over it like daggers horn Segler boyfriend. She wants to be doing this now professional links every day. I. Now, I'm saying, but did she consent to have this video put out to the world? Question. Now, I I don't know what to watch go onto girls. Only fans only fans. That's they put only content that they want to Own own. contributing to them. And you know, it's, hey. Donation? What about you? What is? I mean, you're in industry. So what are you? Do you still look up is it professional when you're like, oh that angle looks really nice or is is more professional. Yeah. Because if I watched mine, I'm why what was I thinking? Oh my God. I want you to butter my Muffin. What was I? No. I mean, just lines like that. I say I'm just like oh my God. Why did I say that I thought that was going to be sexy my cross eyed here, so and then I'll notice that I didn't shave part of my leg or something. I'll zoom in and I'm yeah. I can't enjoy my own horn. But if I watched someone else that's not. And then I watched more so amateur stuff because if always people, I know I'm gonna like, oh, she's a bitch. He's I don't wanna watch. Greg nancy? I do something different. Same moans? Up girl. Gosh, she's throwing it back. He's doing all the worst. Dare you. I always pay attention to if there's a piece of their leg. Shaved that makes me I turn off. I close my laptop just getting all of my on shave legs. We're all getting spam. I mean have you ever like as a porn star? Do you hundred dating life? Do you have like do you date? I mean there there's difficulty with it. There's some people that are okay with open relationship. But then there's people that come up to because they know how like we make our money, and they know the more you shoot the more money you make and then they know we make good money off room, Snapchat and only fans so have we will try to bum off me for money. I've encountered that more than like having actual relationship difficulties. So I've just been keeping to myself, and when I fully go mainstream and transition out of four not saying, I'm gonna disown porn, but when I transition more mainstream than I'll look for something along those lines would you date a dude in the industry? I did that and he was a Scorpio in his work, stick my life. Horrible. So does a sex change. When how would you say your sex changes when you're in a relationship with that person? Do you feel like since they've already senior work that you kinda got an always perform out. I tell them. It's a job. I'm doing it for entertainment purposes. I'm not performing for pleasure. So when you take a twelve inch stick in my ass. Not because I just wanna feel it touch my spinal cord now because it's too interesting fans. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And when I have personal life sex. It's like for a more intimate reason. So let me ask you something while we're on the topic..

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