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I have. I have some honorable mentions palm springs. One of my bro- mentions. I loved that movie. It was a huge surprise to me how much i was going to palm springs and i highly recommend you get on hulu and watch palm springs immediately. Number two is gonna be unprecedent loved unprecedent one of the first like hbo. Max original movies. That i think just kind of like took me by surprise and i loved it. The kid detective hall budding. I love you boy. I love the fact that you love this movie. Oh my god dude it was. It gets so dark. But there's just some like i mean it's not giving away but wouldn't the kids like do you feel like a man slapping around a kid. Yeah to see this movie that might want to take away from this. Episode is watch kid in god. God jake i need to hear what you think about that. And once you watch the kid. Detective i implore you to listen to the snob cast episode. It's a podcast kevin. Smith does he interviews the director from the kid. Detective any interviews adam brody from the kid detective and it came out a few months ago and i watched the kid detective anyone to learn more about it. Listen to the episode of smyth cast. It's absolutely phenomenal. The king of staten island is another one of my honorable. Mentions i loved that movie. I love pete davidson. And i think you know what fuck it i think pete davidson given the right role and put into the right. Movie is a really good actor. Oh and bill burr. Yeah fucking standout. Loved him marinas. Black bottom is another honorable mention for me. I loved that movie promising. young woman. This film stars carey mulligan. Bo burnham bo burnham the director from eighth grade also a standup comic. I love him. Allison brie is. In this clancy brown jennifer coolidge laverne cox. Connie britton from friday night lights and it follows a woman who takes revenge against men have wrong and i compared this to the crow. It is an a fantastic revenge story. You've got cassie. she lives. she's thirty years old lives with her. Parents works at a coffee shop. She was previously in a medical school..

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