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He wants to ban nine millimeter handguns. Now that car you're carrying allowed that would be illegal under joe biden if he gets his way. We're gonna talk about that later with the president of karam's thank you for joining us today. Watches show every night on newsmax. He's grown stench field. Follow him right now on. Twitter stench ville seventeen seventy six. Thank you get back to the studio. I know you'll prepping furiously. Somebody wants to talk on this issue. Our good friend. Leonardo in new jersey line for welcome leo i. Yeah that's incredible david chipman. I'm sure you've heard the other clip of him right speaking of some digs a. Can you define an assault rifle. He can't this guy he wants to run the atf. And he conned. Define the thing. He wants to ban leo. He's he's a real frigging genius. What working weapon. What working weapon isn't a lethal weapon. He he's just a genius. But i wanted to say that you know. I heard that clip of him. And i think you'll recall it and i said i have told you that we have Family are luma n- first world war Rifle stock lugar that my dad brought out the were running with general patton rate so i listened and i said where did i put it so right away. Maybe a deplorable and a tiger king. I i wanted to look behind my two. they can and the beef jerky you know the clip. I'm talking about the boating accident with your lugar leo. Did you have a boat sudden boating accident. Yeah it wasn't there. So i got you know. I panicked then. I realized you know where it was. I had hollowed out a watermelon and it was in the produce with collard. Greens and my black-eyed pea. So i found it. Why did he say stuff like that. This guy is a disgrace and why we're talking about scumbags and disgrace. I just got to say for new jersey to try to free the state up fully murphy. Leany should go back to check this. His

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