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Do they work opposite Jalen adjacent? Rob Williams, he's the right guy, opposite Jalen Jason. There's never really been from what I've been able to gather. Any type of de commitment from jaylen brown's been frustrating. He's been in on the lineup and he's only got what I think a couple of years left on his contract. You guys aren't thinking about that as well. But the idea that they're going to move jaylen Brown, I think it would take something huge. Like Damien little level huge to move jaylen Brown, which I think is the right thing to do. Jaylen Brown is an all star. He's an excellent two way player. The two of them, jaylen and Jason have played well off each other, well enough of each other to believe in them long term. That's kind of why I see it. How do you see things in Boston right now? I think the discussions about breaking them up are premature. I mean, if somebody blows you away with an offer, that's a different thing, right? But I wouldn't be proactively trying to break them up. This is their 5th full season together. And when I say full season, like that should have a big fat ass risk on it because every season three have been weird. Yeah, we're very strange times. But a quick review in their time together. This is, you know, as we tape today, they're 203 and one 35. That's a 600 winning percentage. So 600 winning percentage in their time together, Tatum and brown. A lot has changed around them during that time. And a lot of guys are coming gone. So quick review here because the real frustration for Celtics fans I'm sure aside from the record is just playoff failures, right? 2018, that's Tatum's rookie rookie year. They lose in the Eastern Conference Finals to Cleveland in game 7. They lost a LeBron. And Tatum was a rookie that year. We're really going to hold that over them. The next year they lose in the second round to the bucks. Now they're losing to Giannis. The next year they're in the Conference Finals again. So two Conference Finals appearances in their first three full years together, Tatum and brown. They lose to the heat who of course go to the finals. And then they lose the nets last year. And the first round, and that looks like backwards, it looks like regression because it's the first round. Right, but you lost to Kevin Durant who was playing like the best player on earth and James Harden. Along the way, you go from Kyrie as your leading scorer those first two post seasons to Kemba to now no Kemba no Kyrie, no Gordon Hayward not Terry Rozier. We've talked about this before, but like you don't have lost talent around them. The problem is not so much jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum as it is everything else. They've bled talent for three, four years running here and have not.

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